Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mud Factor Run

Over a week ago, I participated in the Mud Factor, 5k run. I decided to join because me and a friend noticed that there was a Groupon special and wanted to do something for fun. I never thought I would be doing something like a run. It's sort of out of my characters, except for the fact that I do like to try new things and I love new experiences.

The Mud Factor run in Sacramento was located more in the rural part of Sacramento. When me and my friend got there, we had to pay $10 for parking and we parked on dirt. The moment I parked, I immediately cover the car with a blanket since I knew we would be coming back in dirt. I waited for another friend to arrive, so that I dont have to pay $5 for my key to be stored and picked up later. When we got there, we realized that we should have matched. Other teams were matching it and it was apparent that they were in a team. When we checked in, we received a bib and a badge to pin on.

I got to admit that I had about 2 months to prepare for the run, but I didn't actually run! I prepared my doing warm up and exercises with my yoga ball and weights. I was slow since I didn't prepare. My teams wave time was 12:00pm, but we probably didn't finish until 1:30pm.

The obstacles slowed us down and got us muddy. There were many obstacles, in which, we had to go through a huge mud puddle. My soaks and shoe got completely soaked. There were other obstacles that you had to climb and get over a wall. Some of the obstacles required team work. One of the obstacles was very tall and required us to climb over, but the moment I was very high up, I was very frightened and doubted whether I could do it. But, someone from another team offered her help and helped me get through the obstacle. The obstacle wasn't just an obstacle of what I was capable physically, but mentally. After that obstacle, I realized how important team work was and got through all the others with confidence.

Once we were finished with the run, we were provided a Mud Factor necklace! It was nice to get something when we accomplished the run. I got to say that it was an amazing experience. It was challenging at times, but that was what made it memorable. I guess I don't mind doing again because I realize I love challenges and pushing myself to do things I didn't think I was able to do.

I found the picture with my team at the Mud Factor Run:!i=2142714129&k=vcdv28F&lb=1&s=A

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