Sunday, October 28, 2012

Job Searching

I feel like I have been going in circles the past couple of months. I have endlessly been applying for jobs of interest. I knew it was hard before I started job searching, but I have to admit that it's very stressful and difficult.

It's definitely a learning process. In order to apply for jobs, I have to understand my work/internship/volunteer experiences and skills, but I have to market them to each job I apply in order to achieve results. I feel that each time I work on a cover letter, I notice something that I can improve on whether its using better keywords, applying more relevant skills, and/or the sentence structure. In addition, I feel that people who have reviewed my resume and cover letter have been very helpful in my improvement. Each person has their own perspective and it helps to know what someone thinks of a one page document that you use to describe yourself through experiences and skills.

I have received a number of interviews. There were some interviews that I had to decline because I realized that the work is something I couldn't imagine myself doing in the future. Other times, I went through an interview for companies of interests really hoping to receive an offer, but usually don't get a response back.

It's very tiring to know that I don't know when I will be hearing back. Some places might respond a few days or hours after applying, while some take weeks or months to inform me of a status. Since I am a person that likes to achieve results and plan things out ahead of time, job searching makes it much more difficult since it can't be planned, as it in the decision of employers/hiring managers. In the meantime, I'm staying positive and I'm going to keep applying!

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  1. good luck, alice! you'll land something eventually! :D