Monday, September 24, 2012

How I Choose Board Games

A couple of years ago, my family would probably only have the standard board games that everybody has or know about, such as Monopoly, Life, and Chess. For some reason, my family decided to get more board games and some of them I like and some I don't like.When we started out with those few board games, I didn't really know much about other board games. Me and my siblings decided to get board games we saw in stores or considered popular. But, it changed when we started to pick up more board games and learn more about what we want from a good board game and how each board game is different from another.

Now, I research games before I decide to purchase them. I find it exciting to research games that I might possibly get in the future.

I would check Board Game Geek and The Dice Tower. Board Game Geek provides details of general information on board games, but you have to log in to participate in forums and such. On the other hand, The Dice Tower has a forum, Youtube channel, and top 10 and top 100 list.

I like The Dice Tower because it has different kind of lists about board games, including top 10 and top 100 and not just from one year, but its continually updated through the years. On The Dice Tower's top 100 list, I noticed that there was column for people's choice award, along with the choices of two other people. It's nice to know what other people's impressions are of board games and what they believe are good or popular games.

A good chunk of deciding which game to get next is what category the games falls in. The Dice Tower listed examples of different categories for board games, which I found very useful. I didn't think about it before, but I tend to prefer some games over others. I like "Party/Trivial" and "Take That" kind of board games more than "Roll-and-Move" board games. Board Game Geek also provide categories for each board game, such as "Party Game," "Bluffing," "Humor," "European," and more.

I can't deny that how to play the game is an important part of how I would choose a game. I find that besides the descriptions and reviews of board games, watching other people play gives you a better idea of how to play and what to expect. I have to say that the Youtube channel, geekandsundry is my favorite to watch with a board game theme. I like that he provides viewers with a description of the game, describes how to play it, then, play it with 3 other people who might be Youtube celebrities, video producers and etc. Among one of the videos I watched from geekandsundry's youtube channel was about the board game Dixit and actually influenced my decision on purchasing the board game.

Of course, my decision are also based on reviews, suggestions, and/or friends comments. I choose to spend more time finding out more about board games because I want it to be something I can enjoy with friends and family and be able to play over and over again. Not only that, but I want board games that would allow me to laugh, bluff, or think and simply give me a great experience.

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