Monday, August 27, 2012

Preparing for a Run

About a couple of weeks ago, me and a few friends signed up for a run on October. Since then, I have been aware that I have to prepare for the run since its about 3.2 miles and I want to do my best. However, my progress is slow.

So far, I've looked up different warm up or exercises on Pinterest, Youtube, and read a few articles. I think looking at different types of warm ups help since I really don't know that much, besides what I've learned during middle school and high school. Some of the warm up looks intense and something I definitely won't be able to do right away. But, it's still worth a shot to work hard and aim towards a goal.

I've also bought one of those yoga balls. I love it. It's amazing and fun to use. I don't always have to use it to help exercise. Sometimes I use it to stretch my back or in replace of a chair. It's nice to use if I want to do some exercises with it. The yoga ball came with a list (including picture) of what I can do with it. Plus, I been getting more ideas through Pinterest.

I've planned to run with my friends. However, we plan to run at 6am on weekends. So far, that hasn't happened yet. I think it's because 6am is way to early. These days, I have been getting up around 11 or 1pm, which is pretty bad. I guess I should start running by myself to build endurance.

I guess I am going to take on more things and exercises as the run draws nearer.

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