Friday, August 31, 2012


I prefer frozen yogurt places over ice cream places because I prefer the taste of frozen yogurt. Nonetheless, I would still go to ice cream places. But, I wouldn't go by myself since there's no way I can finish a whole tray or glass of ice cream by myself.

Recently, I went to Leatherby's. At Leatheryby's, I noticed that they have an actual menu for food. But, that's not their specialty. Instead, they are known for their ice cream. I like their options although I can't really handle that much ice cream at one time.

The ice creams that my sister ordered. They both look delicious! And, both of them were good.

PB Chocolate
I liked the PB chocolate more than the Brownie Delight. Although I really like eating brownies! I loved the peanuts with the ice creams. I never thought of that before! I'm going to try to put peanuts on my ice creams from now on.
Brownie Delight
Yum, I love brownies and how it came with the dessert. But, it wasn't the best brownie I tasted. Also, thew ice cream wasn't really a flavor I liked.

I actually took a picture of the receipt to remember what ice cream we ordered. I didn't choose the ice cream that time since I wasn't in the mood and knew that I wouldn't be eating much of it anyways.

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