Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jelly Belly Factory Tours in Fairfield

The front of the Jelly Belly Factory
To the front, right side of the Jelly Belly Factory

One day, I was looking through some of my old papers. Among one of them was a list of food places in Sacramento and nearby places of what you can do. I was looking through the list and in the "attractions" section I found the Jelly Belly Factory tours, which is located in Fairfield. I immediately wanted to go since it sounded pretty fun and I always wanted to experience a factory tour. Budweiser also give factory tours and is 5 minutes for the Jelly Belly factory, but I didn't feel like paying $25 for a tour.

The line out of the door @ the left side of the Jelly Belly Building

The Jelly Belly Factory tours are free. The tours are once every 15 minutes. When we arrived, there was a line out of the door. We estimated that we would be able to go in by an hour. And, we almost did, except they only allowed a certain amount of people in and they didn't take my group in at that time, so we went in the tour 15 minutes later.

I believe we waited outside for about 20 minutes. Then, we were finally able to go inside. When we were inside, we noticed the cafe. The shop to the right. We also noticed the decorations. 

Jelly Belly beans hanging from the wall!!!

A mosaic of President Nixon because he really loved Jelly Beans. And, helped to make them more popular.

8 different clocks for 8 different cities around the world.

Some Jelly Belly beans are up on the wall and the Jelly Belly mascot.

Another decoration hanging from the wall.

The biggest decoration that I've seen hanging from the wall. I really like this one!

A Harry Potter mosaic in the waiting room before we started the tour. While we were in the waiting room, we got this white hat to wear and they said we must wear it during the tour.

I would post pictures of what the factory looked like on tour, but they didn't allow cameras at all. While we in line to go into the factory, the tour guide passed out the watermelon Jelly Belly since it was National Watermelon Day. Once the tour started we were able to see a few factory workers and some work on producing the Jelly Belly beans. However, most of the work we seen were either by the machines, putting the candy into the boxes, or seeing the Jelly Belly put into trays to cool. During the tour, there was a television that told us a story as we looked at the factory. We also 3 free samples while we were there, which was nice of them. I think the coolest thing about the factory tour was seeing one of the machines wave to us. Although mosaics of Jelly Belly candy were a nice sight to see in the factory tour, I would not expect it. I would expect the mosaics only as decorations before you enter the factory, but not as part of the tour.

As we toured the building, I noticed that we didn't really get to see a majority of the production. Just what the Jelly Belly company wanted us to see. I wanted to see how the factory chose the defected candies by picking them out or using a special machine. We saw the bags of cornstarch and bag of sugar, but we didn't get to see what they did with them, which made it seem like they just had the items there for display. Well, I guess they are putting their stuff for display for the general public, so they want to show enough without any risks, bad comments, and providing a certain image/perception of Jelly Belly.

We got this small candy bag once the tour was done. Some of the flavors are good. Some are not. Also, after the tour we waited in the sample bar to try three pieces of Jelly Belly beans. I got the Black Licorice Button, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Sunkist Orange.

My baby sister wanted the soda Jelly Belly candy that comes out the of dispensers. I was going to purchase them, except when I put in my $1, it did not allow me to press the button and get the candy. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the flavor she wanted, especially since there was still a lot of it left.

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