Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'd Like to Order the Same Thing

There are some people who dine in at restaurants regularly and except "the regular", which is usually the same thing they get and with no changes. I'm not one of those people who dine in at places regularly, but I do tend to order the same kind of items at certain restaurants.

I've grown to learn that although you always order your regular at restaurants, you might not always get your regular. It might be because the price raised to meet with the economy or the portions either got smaller or bigger. On the other hand, it might also mean that a side dish or ingredient is no longer included in the dish. For example, some restaurants that served foie gras as part of their menu had to make adjustments to the dishes that contain that ingredient since foie gras was banned in California in July 2012. In addition, shark fin has also been banned in California, which is a delicacy in some soups. Moreover, you can't always expect what you use to get because time, law, and preferences of the chef's/restaurant had changed. 

Recently, I went to one of my favorite French restaurants to get a Chicken Breast sandwich. But, I noticed that the sandwich was different than I remembered. When I took a look at a picture I have taken of the Chicken Breast on June 9, 2011 and August 16, 2012, the sandwich at the restaurant had changed. I originally planned on putting the two pictures together and adding some text in it as a jpeg or picture file, but couldn't really do that without Photoshop!

Chicken Breast Sandwich taken on June 9, 2011
The sandwich used to have tomatoes. It also seems like the lettuce they used to put on it was more green.

Chicken Breast Sandwich taken on August 16, 2012
The sandwich also changed since the chicken now has more toppings on it, which it didn't have before. I can go further on explaining, but I'm not really good describing the ingredients and such.

Although the sandwich changed, I still got to say that I enjoy the sandwich from that place. I got to say that it I will still go there for its sandwiches and other food items. Even though I didn't get what I expected, I did get what I had in my mind, which was a Chicken Breast sandwich that was not a "fast food style" kind of food.

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