Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eating out too much?

I know I like to eat. I also know that I like to try new places when I hear something interesting about it. But, I don't think I eat out too much? My brother claims that I eat out too much. I think it's sort of true, but not very much.

I ate out more when I was in university. I would probably eat out about 3 times a week. At times, it would be different places. But, most of the times I had a craving for a certain food, so I would go to the same places and order the same thing. Then, I would get over that craving and probably crave something else. But...about 3 times a weeks for eating out...that might be a lot or might not be though. I know that there are students who are considered regulars at certain restaurants. I also know that students like to dine to hang out with their friends, dates, and other gatherings. I know some people say they don't know how to cook or want to cook and I guess I'm one of them. I chose to eat out, so I wouldn't have to buy ingredients to cook and it takes up less of my time. Also, I worried about wasting some food and throwing them out, which happened to me occasionally when I forgot about certain items in the fridge. Sometimes, its just hard for me to use all the ingredients, especially when I'm the only one using it and not sharing it with anyone else.

I guess the other part of the reason I eat out often is because it is a way to get certain foods that my family, myself, or anyone else can't make. It's also because eating out is a way to get out of the home environment and let someone else handle the duties of dish washing or cooking and enjoy time with friends and family.

On the other hand, it is also my brother and other people's perception of me as someone who likes to go out a lot. I sometimes I agree that I might go out a lot, but it's not always true. So, in my brother eyes I might eat out too much. But, to me I think it sort of became something I do regularly until I start getting used to cooking. I know I am not alone in eating out often. There are people who are regular at restaurants and all the employees there knows that persons name. I know there are people out there who goes to restaurants often because there is a certain food, atmosphere, or service that they can't get anywhere else. For me, it is the food and atmosphere that I like about eating out and why I continue to eat out.

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