Friday, August 31, 2012


I prefer frozen yogurt places over ice cream places because I prefer the taste of frozen yogurt. Nonetheless, I would still go to ice cream places. But, I wouldn't go by myself since there's no way I can finish a whole tray or glass of ice cream by myself.

Recently, I went to Leatherby's. At Leatheryby's, I noticed that they have an actual menu for food. But, that's not their specialty. Instead, they are known for their ice cream. I like their options although I can't really handle that much ice cream at one time.

The ice creams that my sister ordered. They both look delicious! And, both of them were good.

PB Chocolate
I liked the PB chocolate more than the Brownie Delight. Although I really like eating brownies! I loved the peanuts with the ice creams. I never thought of that before! I'm going to try to put peanuts on my ice creams from now on.
Brownie Delight
Yum, I love brownies and how it came with the dessert. But, it wasn't the best brownie I tasted. Also, thew ice cream wasn't really a flavor I liked.

I actually took a picture of the receipt to remember what ice cream we ordered. I didn't choose the ice cream that time since I wasn't in the mood and knew that I wouldn't be eating much of it anyways.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eating out too much?

I know I like to eat. I also know that I like to try new places when I hear something interesting about it. But, I don't think I eat out too much? My brother claims that I eat out too much. I think it's sort of true, but not very much.

I ate out more when I was in university. I would probably eat out about 3 times a week. At times, it would be different places. But, most of the times I had a craving for a certain food, so I would go to the same places and order the same thing. Then, I would get over that craving and probably crave something else. But...about 3 times a weeks for eating out...that might be a lot or might not be though. I know that there are students who are considered regulars at certain restaurants. I also know that students like to dine to hang out with their friends, dates, and other gatherings. I know some people say they don't know how to cook or want to cook and I guess I'm one of them. I chose to eat out, so I wouldn't have to buy ingredients to cook and it takes up less of my time. Also, I worried about wasting some food and throwing them out, which happened to me occasionally when I forgot about certain items in the fridge. Sometimes, its just hard for me to use all the ingredients, especially when I'm the only one using it and not sharing it with anyone else.

I guess the other part of the reason I eat out often is because it is a way to get certain foods that my family, myself, or anyone else can't make. It's also because eating out is a way to get out of the home environment and let someone else handle the duties of dish washing or cooking and enjoy time with friends and family.

On the other hand, it is also my brother and other people's perception of me as someone who likes to go out a lot. I sometimes I agree that I might go out a lot, but it's not always true. So, in my brother eyes I might eat out too much. But, to me I think it sort of became something I do regularly until I start getting used to cooking. I know I am not alone in eating out often. There are people who are regular at restaurants and all the employees there knows that persons name. I know there are people out there who goes to restaurants often because there is a certain food, atmosphere, or service that they can't get anywhere else. For me, it is the food and atmosphere that I like about eating out and why I continue to eat out.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Preparing for a Run

About a couple of weeks ago, me and a few friends signed up for a run on October. Since then, I have been aware that I have to prepare for the run since its about 3.2 miles and I want to do my best. However, my progress is slow.

So far, I've looked up different warm up or exercises on Pinterest, Youtube, and read a few articles. I think looking at different types of warm ups help since I really don't know that much, besides what I've learned during middle school and high school. Some of the warm up looks intense and something I definitely won't be able to do right away. But, it's still worth a shot to work hard and aim towards a goal.

I've also bought one of those yoga balls. I love it. It's amazing and fun to use. I don't always have to use it to help exercise. Sometimes I use it to stretch my back or in replace of a chair. It's nice to use if I want to do some exercises with it. The yoga ball came with a list (including picture) of what I can do with it. Plus, I been getting more ideas through Pinterest.

I've planned to run with my friends. However, we plan to run at 6am on weekends. So far, that hasn't happened yet. I think it's because 6am is way to early. These days, I have been getting up around 11 or 1pm, which is pretty bad. I guess I should start running by myself to build endurance.

I guess I am going to take on more things and exercises as the run draws nearer.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Experiences with Tobacco

I grew up disliking cigarettes. Then, I grew to not like tobacco and other drugs. I can't help, but frown or cough a bit when I notice a puff of smoke or cigarette package. I don't even like using drugs for medicinal purposes, which was probably why I got sick a lot and for a long time.

My disliking for cigarettes caused me to not want to be around it. I don't care who smokes: I don't want the person smoking near me, anybody else, or even that person to smoke. I remembered one time my grandpa was at my house and my grandpa is a smoker and he started to light the cigarettes in the our home. I got uncomfortable immediately. I don't remember all the details, but my grandpa ended up going outside and I locked him out because I didn't want him to come back and smoke. I got in trouble for doing that. I also got a strand of my hair cut off as punishment. That strand of hair took forever to grow out and it was so noticeable!

I don't like it when people litter the ground, especially with cigarettes or whatnot. I remembered one time I was with one of my cousins and at that time she was toddler. We were walking around a plaza and all of a sudden my toddler cousin grabbed a cigarette from the ground and put it in her mouth. I immediately took the cigarette out of her hand and made sure that she did not grab that cigarette again. I would hate for a child or anybody else to be exposed to cigarettes at such a young age, especially since its an addictive and harmful product.

I guess I was always wanted to do something about tobacco, so I became involved in Thumbs up! Thumbs Down!, which allows me to review movies based on tobacco content and portrayal. I like being involved in it because I know a lot of people say that hate something or whatever but not actually do anything about it, I don't want to be one of those people who never do anything about it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'd Like to Order the Same Thing

There are some people who dine in at restaurants regularly and except "the regular", which is usually the same thing they get and with no changes. I'm not one of those people who dine in at places regularly, but I do tend to order the same kind of items at certain restaurants.

I've grown to learn that although you always order your regular at restaurants, you might not always get your regular. It might be because the price raised to meet with the economy or the portions either got smaller or bigger. On the other hand, it might also mean that a side dish or ingredient is no longer included in the dish. For example, some restaurants that served foie gras as part of their menu had to make adjustments to the dishes that contain that ingredient since foie gras was banned in California in July 2012. In addition, shark fin has also been banned in California, which is a delicacy in some soups. Moreover, you can't always expect what you use to get because time, law, and preferences of the chef's/restaurant had changed. 

Recently, I went to one of my favorite French restaurants to get a Chicken Breast sandwich. But, I noticed that the sandwich was different than I remembered. When I took a look at a picture I have taken of the Chicken Breast on June 9, 2011 and August 16, 2012, the sandwich at the restaurant had changed. I originally planned on putting the two pictures together and adding some text in it as a jpeg or picture file, but couldn't really do that without Photoshop!

Chicken Breast Sandwich taken on June 9, 2011
The sandwich used to have tomatoes. It also seems like the lettuce they used to put on it was more green.

Chicken Breast Sandwich taken on August 16, 2012
The sandwich also changed since the chicken now has more toppings on it, which it didn't have before. I can go further on explaining, but I'm not really good describing the ingredients and such.

Although the sandwich changed, I still got to say that I enjoy the sandwich from that place. I got to say that it I will still go there for its sandwiches and other food items. Even though I didn't get what I expected, I did get what I had in my mind, which was a Chicken Breast sandwich that was not a "fast food style" kind of food.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jelly Belly Factory Tours in Fairfield

The front of the Jelly Belly Factory
To the front, right side of the Jelly Belly Factory

One day, I was looking through some of my old papers. Among one of them was a list of food places in Sacramento and nearby places of what you can do. I was looking through the list and in the "attractions" section I found the Jelly Belly Factory tours, which is located in Fairfield. I immediately wanted to go since it sounded pretty fun and I always wanted to experience a factory tour. Budweiser also give factory tours and is 5 minutes for the Jelly Belly factory, but I didn't feel like paying $25 for a tour.

The line out of the door @ the left side of the Jelly Belly Building

The Jelly Belly Factory tours are free. The tours are once every 15 minutes. When we arrived, there was a line out of the door. We estimated that we would be able to go in by an hour. And, we almost did, except they only allowed a certain amount of people in and they didn't take my group in at that time, so we went in the tour 15 minutes later.

I believe we waited outside for about 20 minutes. Then, we were finally able to go inside. When we were inside, we noticed the cafe. The shop to the right. We also noticed the decorations. 

Jelly Belly beans hanging from the wall!!!

A mosaic of President Nixon because he really loved Jelly Beans. And, helped to make them more popular.

8 different clocks for 8 different cities around the world.

Some Jelly Belly beans are up on the wall and the Jelly Belly mascot.

Another decoration hanging from the wall.

The biggest decoration that I've seen hanging from the wall. I really like this one!

A Harry Potter mosaic in the waiting room before we started the tour. While we were in the waiting room, we got this white hat to wear and they said we must wear it during the tour.

I would post pictures of what the factory looked like on tour, but they didn't allow cameras at all. While we in line to go into the factory, the tour guide passed out the watermelon Jelly Belly since it was National Watermelon Day. Once the tour started we were able to see a few factory workers and some work on producing the Jelly Belly beans. However, most of the work we seen were either by the machines, putting the candy into the boxes, or seeing the Jelly Belly put into trays to cool. During the tour, there was a television that told us a story as we looked at the factory. We also 3 free samples while we were there, which was nice of them. I think the coolest thing about the factory tour was seeing one of the machines wave to us. Although mosaics of Jelly Belly candy were a nice sight to see in the factory tour, I would not expect it. I would expect the mosaics only as decorations before you enter the factory, but not as part of the tour.

As we toured the building, I noticed that we didn't really get to see a majority of the production. Just what the Jelly Belly company wanted us to see. I wanted to see how the factory chose the defected candies by picking them out or using a special machine. We saw the bags of cornstarch and bag of sugar, but we didn't get to see what they did with them, which made it seem like they just had the items there for display. Well, I guess they are putting their stuff for display for the general public, so they want to show enough without any risks, bad comments, and providing a certain image/perception of Jelly Belly.

We got this small candy bag once the tour was done. Some of the flavors are good. Some are not. Also, after the tour we waited in the sample bar to try three pieces of Jelly Belly beans. I got the Black Licorice Button, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Sunkist Orange.

My baby sister wanted the soda Jelly Belly candy that comes out the of dispensers. I was going to purchase them, except when I put in my $1, it did not allow me to press the button and get the candy. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the flavor she wanted, especially since there was still a lot of it left.