Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oscar's Very Mexican Food

I was first introduced to Oscars Very Mexican Food by one of my best friends. The burrito place is right across from her high school, McClatchy High School. It is also close to a lightrail stop, so if you are ever wondering how to get there from Downtown Sacramento or Meadowview without driving, that's how. Although they have their own parking lot, it can get packed sometimes. I think you can park on the street though.

I remember my first experience here because the burrito came with fries. It's popularly known as the California Burrito. I absolutely love fries! I think the burritos here are delicious.

Although I've ordered their beef tacos about two times now, I haven't had the opportunity to actually eat it since I gave it to my sisters. But, they seem to finish the orders just fine. But, didn't really give me their opinions on it.

What I like about this place is that their prices are reasonable. Their burritos are regular size and they are about $4-5, which I think is a good deal. Definitely cheaper than Chiptole. I went there in about the middle of July and the place said it was closing in August for rebuilding and won't open again until Oct/November. However, I went there again about a week later and didn't see the sign, so I wouldn't be sure if they were doing construction or not.

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