Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Original Perry's

Original Perry's is one of those restaurants that I've always wanted to visit ever since I could remember. It's one of those restaurants that you would notice as you get off the freeway. I made my first visit to Original Perry's last week after I went swimming. When I entered, I immediately noticed that there were mostly seniors that dined at the restaurant. Then, I realized that seniors really love original (homely) places and breakfast food, which was why there was a lot of them there.

When I was there I was surprised they had a kids menu and with pretty reasonable prices. It also said that kids eat free with a paying adults on Tuesdays after 4-10pm. I would show my picture of what I ordered from the kid's menu for Emily, but I didn't remember to take a picture of it.

Cindy also ordered this dessert. I forgot what it was called. But, it was delicious! My favorite part is the cookie with the chocolate. Mhmmm...

 A chicken strip sandwich with fries. The sandwich seemed much bigger than expected. I didn't eat the sandwich although Cindy offered it to me. I did, however, tried the fries.

I think the pancakes came with one of Cindy's order. I didn't get to the pancake at the place because there was already so much food for the three of us.

Hashbrowns and an omelet that Cindy ordered. I didn't try the omelet, but I had the hashbrowns from Emily's order.

I think my first time was a good experience although it is a slow atmosphere. I did enjoy the food there and they have pretty reasonable prices.

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