Thursday, July 26, 2012

California State Fair + Hot Chelle Rae

On Tuesday, I went to the State Fair. I went during the evening though. I couldn't stay in the sunlight for too long. Me and my family decided to go on Tuesday because Hot Chelle Rae was coming. Also, people 12 or under get in for free and rides are a dollar.

When I got there, my sister bought the funnel cake. And, my other sister got cotton candy. I wasn't really in the mood for fair food, but if I was there would definitely be a lot of food I want to try.

I think I only went on the bumper cars ride. I wasn't really interested in any of the rides.

Mark S. Allen from Good Day Sacramento showed up before the concert started. I think he's great that he shows up to some public events. Hot Chelle Rae performed at 8pm at the Golden 1 Stage. The front left and middle section was saved for those who purchased tickets. However, The front right and back seating areas were saved with those who came in and had a pink wristlet on them. I got one and at first I was seated in the middle, but as the concert went on people left and I eventually ended up getting closer. Towards the end, the band left and I just knew they were going to have an encore and stayed. However, others left and the Hot Chelle Rae came back on stage and played one last song, "Tonight, Tonight".

Another view of the concert as it got darker. I thought that they performed beautifully. I was surprised that they played Teenage Dream, but they did a pretty good job. They played all the songs that I wanted to hear from them and plus some more.

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