Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue Moon Cafe and Karaoke

I got to admit that I really don't like karaoke -ing. My vocal abilities aren't really good and I think its kind of embarrassing. But, I do like hanging out with friends and having a good time. Another confession, this blog post is a few weeks outdated. A few weeks ago, I went karaoke-ing with two of my friends. And one of them was going to karaoke with her co-worker and his friends.

When we arrived at Blue Moon cafe, we decided to eat before going into the karaoke room. I think they had a pretty diverse menu for being a karaoke place. I decided to have porridge since I wanted something kind of warm and I really haven't had it in a while since the only food my mother ever makes now is fish. My other two friends shared a crepe and boba.

 We eventually joined in the karaoke room and there was about 6-9 people already in there. I'm glad that people were already singing and didn't invite us to sing. Although they did offer us drinks when we arrived.

I found that night to be interesting. It seemed that my friends were having a good time. Also, if I ever do get past my little fear of karaoke-ing I know where to go.

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