Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I first heard about Arigatos through some friends. I think some of them really like the place. Apparently, it seems like a popular sushi place. It's in the Arden area. It's not a buffet, but there is always a half off special for the rolls.

The first time I went there I wasn't really impressed with the sushi that I ate. I really did expect more since people favored the place. I didn't see what made it so likeable, besides it always being half off.

The rolls I ordered
The second time I went to Arigatos, I ordered two rolls. I would mention the name of the rolls, except I forgot their names. But, I do know that I only order rolls if they include shrimp because I love shrimp in my sushi. Although I did consume the entirety of my rolls, I found the roll to be plain and not very sophisticated or special. I was also disappointed in the size of the roll, but I guess that's why it was half off.

The roll my friend ordered
One of my friends ordered a bento box, but I didn't take a picture of that. And, my other friend ordered a sushi roll with fish.

The second time around I still did not find Arigato's impressive. I would prefer to go to Tokyo Fro's, which is just down the street and has better tasting rolls and a happy hour special with half off rolls.

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