Monday, June 18, 2012

SEA Grad

Southeast Asians (SEA) grad was yesterday during the evening. The ceremony is to acknowledge the Southeast Asian community, especially those who were affected by the Vietnam war. Although I do not consider myself as Southeast Asian, I know that my parents were affected by the Vietnam was, so I was too. There were about 40 participants. Most of them were Hmong, Vietnamese, Laos, or Cambodian, and a few Chinese as well.

When I arrived, I signed in for my guests. I also received a program booklet. I'm the first person that is listed in the program. It has a picture of me and a biography that I wrote. It also included one of my quotes that I find inspirational and it's a quote by Booker T. Washington, which has to do with success due to overcoming obstacles, which I felt I have done and will continue to need to do.

l also received another sash when I arrived. I really like this sash! I think it is so pretty!

After the speakers, awards, and performances, it was finally time for the graduates to make a one minute speech. I think everyone thanked people in their lives. Some included a list of people they wanted to include. Others mentioned a quote. The person before me made a speech and was tearing up when she made it. I thought I might tear too, but I actually was excited to make the speech when I got there! When I made my speech, I thanked friends and family and I also said that I appreciated obstacles because without it I wouldn't have grown or have made graduating college an accomplishment. After making the speech, I walked over and got my certificate, cup, and took a picture.

After all the graduates had their speeches, the graduates move their tassels from rights to left. Also, while we waited my baby sister came up and gave me flowers! Then, the graduates started to dance in front of the stage! It was suppose to be a flash mob or something the audience did not know was going to happen. We all graduated and it was time to celebrate.

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