Saturday, June 16, 2012

NAS Graduation

On Friday, there was no instruction or exams! That meant I finished my Spring quarter and my last quarter of my academic life. Wow!

Also, on Friday, I participated in the Native American Studies (NAS) graduation. The graduation is for Native people, as well as major and minors. I'm a Native American Studies minor and I actually finished it last quarter. The ceremony was held at the Student Community Center. A lot of people showed up to support to their fellow graduates. My sister and brother showed up!

The ceremony started at 11:30. Actually, I guess it didn't start at that time. But, that was when people began to arrive. The ceremony began around 12pm, then it was opened up by song and speeches. Then, there was a break to get food.

I was given a feather, a pouch, a bracelet, and a sash (not shown above). I was very happy to receive the gifts! The native students received blankets and I think it matched with which tribe they were in. I think all the gifts were great.
Afterwards, we gathered back for student acknowledgements. Each student came up and was allowed to give a speech. There was about 15 students participating the ceremony. There were people who gave moving speeches. Mines was about 2 minutes, which was pretty short. I didn't want to cry, so I kept it short.

I'm glad that my two siblings came to support me! I have on my three sashes in this photo! The only one I'm still waiting to get is the one from SEA grad on Sunday.

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