Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting Expectations

There's been way too many times in my life when people told me that I didn't do enough, didn't do more than them or better than them. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one out there who has experienced it. I also got to say that I have proven many of them wrong, even if they chose to not acknowledge the fact.

I've already mentioned that I been bad at math, which was why I didn't do so well during my high school years. Because I found math challenging it, my siblings used it against me. I've been called stupid and that I could not meet up to the standards of other siblings, but that didn't stop me from getting tutoring. It did not stop me from getting the best grades as possible to get into a university.

During my university life, I've always worried about failing a class. Even if I felt I did good in a midterm or paper, I would be very worried because they were a great proportion of my grade. Luckily, I've had the motivation to do well. I am fortunate that I never failed a university or college class. I never got a D or a F. I'm so proud of that fact. It totally freaked me out when I learned about Academic Probation/Dismissal, as well as not being able to meet the passing requirements of the classes.

Although I don't owe it to anyone to blog in this blog, I still believe it is important to stay consistent. Blogging just once or twice enough is not enough. The least amount of blog posts I've had so far is 11 each month. Although I did not make any goals for my blogs, I do know that I want to keep it alive. Maybe that is why I haven't let myself get under 11 blog posts each month this year, so far.

And, now, my biggest challenge yet: landing a job. I believe this is more of a personal expectation than anything else. I want to land a job that I like and believe is good for my future. I don't care about getting it right away, its about getting there through my skills, overcoming obstacles, and possibly with the assistance of others.

So, yes, I just described a few expectations. Some were expectations from friends, family, the community, and others. Others were expectations of myself and what I want for my future. Nonetheless, those expectations are sort of like goals that I need to meet. I think those are goals that are important to overcome and to prove that I can succeed.

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