Monday, June 4, 2012

Judge, Detective, Baker, And An Author

Judge, detective, baker, and an author is what I would say I wanted to be if you were to ask me during my middle school days. I knew it didn't sound realistic, but I knew that I was interested in those job positions. They were not in any order of preference, but each of those positions sort of defined my values and interests when I was in middle school.

I wanted to be a judge because I believe that there were too many inequalities in the world and I really wanted to help provide truth and equality. I notice that not everybody was treated equality and I wanted to help out. I believed that I could play a part in helping someone, and not let them go through any troubles that I experienced. Today, injustices still are still prevalent and strong; I still want to be a part of diminishing it.

I wanted to be a detective because I love solving mysteries. I love figuring out people. I like to notice how peoples reactions, behaviors or whatever can lead me to understand the person. I liked to find ways to understand what I didn't already knew. I liked to conquer unfamiliar territory and explore new places that I haven't been to yet. I liked solving Sudoku, scrambles, and word search puzzles. I thought it was fun stuff to figure out things and people; and, I still feel that I like to do those stuff. But, now I realize that I also like to figure out food, places, cultures, and so much more.

I wanted to be a baker because I love bakery products. I like cookies, cupcakes, croissants, and so much more. I thought it was wonderful to be surrounded by food that you loved and made. I like the idea of providing good food to people. I guess that's why I always enjoyed baking and found it a fun activity. However, I don't think I would want to pursue baking as a career, rather more as a fun activity.

I wanted to be an author because I really want to write amazing stories that people wanted to read. I've read some amazing pieces that were inspirational, touching, and/or deep and I wanted to do that someday too. There are so many amazing authors out there with good ideas and I want to have a good idea too. I believed my ideas and experiences could also be potentially useful. Today, I still want to be an author and write at least one book that is published at some point in my life, but maybe during my later years.

I understood that it would be rather impossible to pursue all of those professions at the same time. Yet, I still kept those professions in my mind because there was a reason that I wanted to pursue them. The reasons why I was interested in each of the four has shaped what I love to today and what I want to do someday although it might not be in a fixed position. What I do could be something small or all out, but somehow still relates to the few tasks of those four positions. That would make my childhood self happy; and, that I did what I've like to do since I was a child.

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