Saturday, June 9, 2012

Discovering a Bit of Yolo Wildlife

The other day I decided to make a trip to the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife area. Before I went, I looked up directions on Google Map. I didn't really see any wildlife, besides birds. I wished I would have seen something else or more. Maybe, during my next trip I will see some other interesting wildlife. I recently found out that at least 250,000 bats live under the Yolo causeway! I hope that when I'm driving one day, I will get to see them fly!

My interests in seeing wildlife in the area was sparked when I saw a Sacbee article with photos of birds. I did see birds though. But they were flying in the sky and I didn't end up seeing them close enough, unlike the close up photography of birds I saw of Yolo wildlife.

I always drove pass the Yolo Fruit Stand and said to myself "I'm going to go there one day!" Well, the other day I went. The had fruits, vegetables, snacks, ice cream, and some other items. When I was there I was really happy to see watermelon, ice cream, and drinks, it really fitted the moment since it was hot and it would have been nice to eat one of those.

The entrance!!!

A view of the wildlife area and the entrance! 

The sign that you would see if you were to pass the Yolo Wildlife area. And, yes, you would see what the rocks would say. Sometimes its a name of a fraternity or other random messages, but when I went there it said "got wolk?" I think they were referring to Dan Wolk, who was recently voted as a Davis council member.

This is behind the Yolo Fruit stand and in front of the wildlife area.

This isn't actually part of the wildlife area...But, close to the place.

A view of the area. If you look closely you can see the sign for the Yolo Fruit Stand, the freeway and cars, and the road.

I drove around the area that surrounded the Yolo wildlife area and there's not that much there. There's a lot of empty lands. I didn't see animals. They were probably hiding or sleeping.

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  1. I didn't know there was anything near the fruit stand!