Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Lost

When I was young, I was quite adventurous. I loved going out. I just liked being outside the house and explored. I thought there was so much to explore in the world. I enjoyed going on the car rides with my mom or whomever. I liked going to the stores although I don't always get something. However, my adventurous side has also led me to getting lost.

Although I don't remember it, my mom told me that she once lost me at the airport. I don't know if I was actually lost though. She told me that she was using the bathroom and told me to stay there. But, when she got out, I wasn't there and she couldn't find me. Turns out, I was at the McDonalds. I'm assuming that since I was at McDonalds I was probably hungry.

One time I was with my mom and my aunt shopping. They were waking around the store and I decided to split from them. I suddenly realized that I couldn't find her. I, then, told a Target employee and I ended up getting a slushie and found my mom. I remembered being very happy that day because I had that slushie and when I found my mom I was like look I have a slushie.

When I was in China, I got lost a few times. But, one certain time, hits the memory bank. I was with three of my other study abroad mates. We were on our way back on the bus and one of them said we should get off at a stop, but turns out it wasn't our stop. That was when we ran into another study abroad mate and decided to walk back together. We walked for about 20 minutes and that was when the study abroad mate realized we were lost. It suddenly rained and there was thunder. We ran into the teahouse for shelter. When we entered, the owner was sweeping the rain out of the shop and it was the tiniest shop I have ever been inside.The owner reminded us for a goofy character and there was also a tour guide in the shop. The tour guide helped us find our way back. When we were back into the bus, me and a few of the study abroad mates connected more with each other because we got lost. Two of them were also studying history, which I was quite happy to hear about. That is one of my favorite and most memorable parts of the study abroad experience.

Although I have just detailed three of my favorite lost experiences, I am also good at navigating my way around places once I have familiarized myself with the area. That also means that I'm not afraid to get lost because getting lost may turn out to be a good experience and turn out to be a favorite memory. In addition, getting lost may be the key into remembering a place and finding out more about myself and others. If I don't get lost, that means I know the area too well and that I haven't explored, which is why I don't mind getting lost. Getting lost requires me and others to connect more with the community through asking questions, looking at maps, and getting to know each other, which I think is fun.

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