Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chinese School

I said that I would blog about Chinese school in a earlier blog post, so here is the post about Chinese school.

Cindy's 11th birthday
I don't remember when I began Chinese school. It was probably in middle school when I first started going to Chinese school and stopped going during high school. I didn't like the idea of going to Chinese school. I attended Chinese school with my other siblings, Cindy and Brandon. We are not all the same age. Brandon is three years younger than me and Cindy is three years younger than Brandon. Yet, we all began Chinese school at different ages and in the same class, kindergarten. The class was pretty easy since it was mostly step by step work and we didn't really learn that much. Then, we went on to 1st grade. 1st grade was much better since we learned more stuff. But, we also made some new friends from the other classmates. Not all of us are the same age, but with a small class we all knew each other. In fact, I believe everyone recognized each other.

I found Chinese school fun because I got to connect with other people that I wouldn't be able to at regular school. It was fun celebrating someones birthday. We got to have pizza parties, water balloon fights, and did other silly things. It became really funny when someone did something silly because everyone in the class would laugh along.

 Me and my siblings went up to 4th grade before we decided we were not going to go anymore. There were some teachers that my class liked or did not like. And, we had new teachers every once in a while. Unfortunately, some of the most unpleasing moments were because we did not have that much fun learning with some teachers.

The picture above is how Chinese school use to look like. That building was pretty old. Some of the tables broke and the chairs were old. The building was remodeled over a year ago, so this building is no longer what Chinese school looks like. When I was still attending Chinese school, there were plans to remodel Chinese school and a build a playground. But, unfortunately, only the building got remodeled and no playground. The building for Chinese school is also next to the temple. The temple is a spot for some funeral ceremonies.

Here is another view of another side of what is around the building. There is a pond and it is pretty dirty, yet there were a lot of fishes there.

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  1. I loved Chinese school for the friends I made too. I definitely don't remember learning much...