Friday, June 29, 2012

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

I been to BJ's restaurants several times now. I been to both the location on Arden and in Elk Grove. I would say that the Arden location is for middle age folks, while the Elk Grove location is more for teens or the college crowd.

I been to BJ's more than I would have anticipated. The first few times I went I wanted to go because my friends and other people I knew raved about it. But, after going their more than a few times, I don't have the same excitement for that place. BJ's is one those restaurants that my friends would usually pick to go and I would be okay lets go there.

When I usually go to BJ's, I would order pasta. But, after a few times there I realize that there pasta wasn't as good as I would have liked it. In addition, there pasta dishes don't seem that unique. For me, it seems like they have the regular pasta options, chicken fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti. I also don't like that their sauces. The sauces always seem to be to light than I wanted.

Besides pasta, BJ's is also popular for their pizza.They have deep dish pizza with different selections for toppings that you can choose or select a special. For about a personal pizza that is 10 inches and it's about 10 dollars. And, yes, 10 inches is less than a ruler and I don't think that's enough to keep one person satisfied. Well, at least not me.

I like that BJ's have many different options for appetizers although I'm not usually an appetizer person. They also have different selections for entrees--pizza, mahi mahi dish with rice and vegetables, sandwiches, hamburgers, pasta, and more. They are also famous for their pizookie.

I went to BJ's yesterday. This time around I decided to order the Barbeque Beef sandwich with potato wedges. I saw in the menu that there was onions, but I forgot to tell them to take it out. I liked that the onions were fried though. It sticks less to my sandwich and was more appealing than usual. I really enjoyed this meal. I liked that the bread was kind of crunchy and that I had barbeque meat, which I usually don't eat.

My friend ordered the chicken fettuccine alfredo. I usually would order this pasta, but decided not to. I love the garlic bread that comes with it. When I usually order this pasta I would ask for extra and they never charged me for extra bread! The pasta itself tastes alright. It could use better sauce throughout the pasta.

My other friend ordered the Mahi Mahi dish. I was glad that she ordered it because I like seeing other dishes. I think the Mahi Mahi looked delicious. But, if I were to eat it I would want more rice.

We all decided to go to BJ's yesterday for a friends early birthday. The friend got a bacon cheeseburger. It was huge!! I thought it looked delicious though. My friend cut a part of it and there was still a 1/3 of it left. She finished the fries though. For me, I would like a burger that I can finish entirely and not save it for later. But, I do like getting more for my money. She also had a drink there and I tried a sip of it. It reminded me of a medicine I use to take, but I liked it.

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