Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Support the UC Davis Asian American Association Film Festival

It's the first week of the UC Davis Asian American Film Festival (UCD AAFF), which is one the events that Asian American Association (AAA) puts on every year. I know that for the festival, they research and request movies to be screened. I'm not sure how many years the UCD AAFF have been around, but before I was a freshman. Here's a link to their 2012 website, AAA Film Festival website.

There are other Asian American Film Festivals around the country. There's an Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, San Diego, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Philadelphia, and more! With all the Asian American Film Festivals going on around the California and the country, I think UC Davis is fortunate to have its very own Asian American Film Festival. Members of the UC Davis community don't have to drive to far to go anywhere far for the festival.

I know it's difficult for some people to go out to some festivals because it doesn't work with schedules, but the UC Davis AAA Film Festival will be having screenings for two weeks on the dates of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, there's about 6 (now about 4) chances for you to make it to one of the screenings. Check out the Facebook event page, UCD Asian American Film Festival 2012.

I understand that many movies are expensive these days. Well, the UCD AAFF is free, as they work hard throughout the year(s) to help make it free! I know that other festivals you would have to purchase tickets in order to attend. I've check out the Asian American festivals for San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle and they require tickets to get through the door. Besides Asian American Film Festivals, other film festival do require you to purchase tickets such as Sundance, Sacramento Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. There's the UC Davis Film Festival, the Davis Feminist Film Festival, and Davis Film Festival, which are great festivals to attend in Davis, but you must have a ticket in order to watch the films.

Why not support a film festival that has been going on for several years now that aims to educate people, including an awareness of the hardships and issues that are experienced in America? Why not keep the number of attendees in the film become strong, like they were when I was a Freshman? Have nothing else to do and just want to watch a free movie with a group of people in a building on campus within the next week? The UC Davis Asian American Film Festival is a possible answer to that question. Consider attending and supporting the film festival by watching a free movie!

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