Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing Games

I don't know how it happened. But, I realized that I really like playing board games and other fun games. We have about 14+ games. But, a few people borrowed our games, but I haven't seen them in months. However, me and my siblings haven't played in months. I miss playing games.

Super Mario Kart Chess
Last winter, I played games with a few friends and family members and it was really fun. I had no idea my friends were that competitive! We all really wanted to win the games.

Mah Jong
The thing about playing games is not everyone knows how to play the game. I usually try explaining the game and start playing. I feel that I learn a lot of playing games by just playing them and observing how others played. In fact, I learned how to play Big (Chinese card game) by observing my cousins.

It was always fun getting a new game that none of us played yet. That means that one or more of us would have to read the rules or directions and explain to others how to play the game. It was exciting playing from a new board game and testing whether it was entertaining or not.

There are still some rules that I am unsure of or don't know entirely, but understand the game well enough to play it through. When me and my siblings were younger, we didn't know all of the rules of Monopoly, so we didn't follow all of them. Instead, we made our own rules, which was exciting and made the game end faster.

Then, there's some games where you are like "huh?" I got this shock machine last summer. There's suppose to be two players. Hold on to one of the four sticks and press the circle button in the middle. Watch the circle button in the middle until you see it turn red. Then, it would be a good idea to press the red button from the stick you are holding or you will be shocked. This game sounded very exciting and I'm glad that I have it.

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