Monday, May 28, 2012

Krush Burger

Food trucks are getting more popular in Sacramento and other areas in California. There are food truck events that occur occasionally. Also, there are food trucks that like to stop at different places in the city. Krush Burger, Drewski's, Shalah's are a couple of food trucks that come to my mind right away. Although I have yet to try Drewski's, I did try Krush Burger a few weeks ago.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the hashtag for #sacburgermonth. I, then, checked it out and decided to go to Krush Burger that weekend. Krush burger was at Caesar's Chavez Park in Sacramento. I think the event was Concerts in the Park and there were other food trucks there. Also, I think budweiser was sponsoring the event, so there was a lot of alcohol consumption in the park.

Before I ordered, I checked out Krush Burger online and I liked that they had mini burgers. I also like that they had flavors that were not the usual I can get from anywhere else. I decided to order three of their mini burgers to share with my sisters. I ordered the Original, Philly, and the Cowbell. The burger was better than I expected. I noticed from the menu online that the burger had grilled onions and I was going to take it off my burger, but I didn't feel the onions in my burger or I was just okay with it in my burger. Usually, the onions would be so noticeable or unpleasing that I wanted to take them off. I think their fries were okay, not that special. I think I should have ordered tater tots instead since I haven't had them in a while and because burger places don't usually offer tater tots.

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