Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For the Love of Fishes

At the moment, I don't have any pictures of cooked fish. So, I guess I will either update it later or have another post about actual cooked fish. Better yet, I think I will do just that. Oh, and this is the 62th post of this year, that means I am now tied with the amount of posts from last year, which means I'm about to post a lot more this year than last year!

So, fish is big in my family. My baby sister and my parents go fishing. My other sister is scared of fish. And, well, my family consumes fish a bit too often. Actually, I think my mom makes fish way too often nowadays and I'm actually pretty tired of it. I miss her old cooking. She doesn't make steam fish or fried fish anymore. And, its more likely to be the fish that she got from fishing.

Here's a picture of the fishes that my family caught last Saturday. I really didn't expect them to catch that many. I always thought that people who went fishing would have to wait hours for fishes, but they brought home bucket of fishes. I wonder where they went fishing. When they were cooked, however, they weren't good.

One day when I came back home, I noticed that we had fishes! I was surprised that my mom would get them. But, she said that she wanted something to look at. If it were me, I would get birds. Anyways, I guess they are fun to look at and it's nice to have something else living at your home. It's not our first time having fishes, but it's pretty nice to have them around.

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