Sunday, May 6, 2012

Foods that I Miss from China

Here's another post that I go back in time and discuss my experience while studying abroad. The focus of this post is the food that I miss and was delicious!

I'm surprised that the beef dishes are one of the dishes that I really miss. There were some beef dishes that were still sizzling when it came to us and it was pretty cool. I was surprised to have some beef dishes that were soft and just tasty. Below are two pictures of beef dishes that I enjoyed.

Some beef dish

Another food item that I really miss eating in China are their dumplings. Since China is cheaper, so it their food and many other objects. The dumplings there were around 9-12 kuai. So, that was about less than $2. And, as you can see on each plate, there were at least 10+ dumplings on each plate.

I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of donuts. But, the thing was when I was in China, the smell of a doughnut shop caught my attention and I decided to check out the shop. It was not the only donut shop, as I saw another one from the same company (BestBite Donuts!) elsewhere in Hangzhou. The donut that I've seen in China have different flavors than America. There was green tea and other unique options! What's even better is that the donuts taste so much better in China. It wasn't super doughy and thick as a donut, instead the donut was fun to bite in and was thin. I'm not the best at explaining it, but I can definitely say that I enjoy the donuts there. And, that although something may seem American, it doesn't mean that it will taste the same or necessarily be better in America.

I also really enjoyed the boba there! It tastes different from the ones I've had in America. For my study abroad trip, MyGirl was the place that we frequented for boba and their bakery products!

The other food that I miss was the food that was supplied for our breakfast in our hotel in Hangzhou. There was always peanuts. Then, there were fruits, such as watermelons. And, they would have different dishes for us almost everyday. I like that I got to dine with the other students and we had the dining place for ourselves for most of the breakfasts.

For the opening and closing meals for our study abroad groups, we had very delicious, sophisticated and expensive meals that were fit for a king. That doesn't mean that the other meals that I had with the study abroad meal weren't delicious. As a group, we all tried some pretty delicious foods and items that we probably won't be able to if our professor didn't have an excellent knowledge of food & places.

Beggar's Chicken

I have to say that one of the dishes I remember eating is Beggar's Chicken. Don't let the title of the dish fool you. We had Beggar's Chicken for our opening meal in the middle of Westlake and in a fancy restaurant. The chicken was just about perfect and unique. It had the perfect texture and tasted very delicious.

For our closing meal, our professor told us how it was quite expensive. I believe it was at least 5,000 kuai for each table! She told us how she read about this place and how the chef uses rare and some local ingredients to make the dishes. Even the dining spot in Hangzhou was quite stunning.  


In America, I usually order fries with my hamburgers. I love eating fries. Fries, however, are usually the shape of a "finger" and aren't in any cute shapes in fast food places. In China, there were also "finger" fries in fast food places. But, they didn't just have "finger" fries, they had "smiley" fries at a lot of their restaurants. I thought they were so cute. They taste like fries, but they are more cutely shaped and more organized than fries that are quickly put into a bag or plate.

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