Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The First Time you Finish a Big Mac

While I was growing up, my parents liked to order from McDonald's or other fast food places for us kids, but it was mainly McDonald's. There's not a surprise that I'm still a fan of McDonald's today. As a result, the food from McDonald's became a part of my childhood experience and not just my childhood, but that of my siblings.

One of the items that my family likes to order is Big Mac. I don't know why we preferred it over the other burger options, but that is our family favorite burger from McDonald's. However, since we were young children, not all of us finished the Big Macs. Finishing a Big Mac meant that you can eat a lot and finish your meals. It meant that you could eat more than you could before and maybe more than that Big Mac. So, I guess someone crossed a food boundary when finishing their first Big Mac.

My younger sister, Cindy, did not finish her first Big Mac until she about 8. As Cindy was growing up she didn't eat too much and she was less likely to finish her meals, which was why her consumption of an entire Big Mac shocked me and my brother. My sister, Emily, finished her first Big Mac when she was 4. Since Emily was the youngest and pretty small, the three of us siblings were very surprised that she had consumed a Big Mac for herself at that young age. As for my brother, he was already eating a lot of burgers by the age of 6, so it was probably around that age or earlier when he finished his first Big Mac. I didn't finish my first big mac until about 9 or 10 since I had a little phobia about burgers in my beginning years of elementary school.

Now that I think about it, it's funny how we reference that if you can finish a Big Mac it means you can eat a lot. But, my purpose is not to promote Big Macs consumed at earlier ages or even finish a Big Mac in one setting. And, that there would be no way that McDonalds would promote a young one finishing a Big Mac in a early age. It would probably scare a lot of Americans and others that the younger generation is becoming too fat from eating fast foods, especially from Big Macs.

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