Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrate Davis 2012

Today was the Celebrate Davis 2012 event. It is held in Community Park in Davis, CA. It's a pretty huge park. It was my first time at Community Park. I actually heard about this event through twitter. Then, from other websites. I don't think I would have went if I didn't find out about it yesterday.

I arrived at the event a couple of hours after it started. When I arrived, there were already a lot of people. There were people of all ages and families were there as well.

I have to say that I was surprised that there were so fun stuff to do. There was this clown making balloons.

There were also local businesses and others who had a spot in the park.

 Look at the stuff I got tonight. I have to admit that my favorite item was the Mondavi Center pin. Many of them gave out free stuff. Some allowed you to play games, spin wheel, or filled out forms to win prizes. One of the big prizes of the night was the Ipad.

Oh, and not let's forget about the getting to ring the dong! The person said it was from Indonesia, which sounded cool!

I got a balloon and some other great prizes!

There were even youth bands playing while I was there. I also read that the Band-Uh was performing earlier.

A balloon from the Retirement Community.

The crowd during Celebrate Davis.

View of another section of the park during the event.

I always wanted to go in one of those balloon things! They were having rat races, so they were pretty fun!

I been rock climbing before, so I didn't mind not doing it. And, there's always opportunities to go to Rocknasium or other rock climbing places.

 After walking around and getting prizes, we bought pizza from Steve's Pizza Place.

And, the finale was fireworks. It began at 9pm. I decided to record it once I found out it started. It's a bit shaky and it moves up and down since the fireworks dont go to the same places. I must also admit it was hard focusing on watching the fireworks when I was recording. I tried to do both. I liked the fireworks show. Short, but still good. Fireworks don't happen too often, so I'm glad that I got to enjoy it tonight.

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