Monday, May 28, 2012

Americanized Chinese Food

When I was around 7-12, I didn't mind eating Americanized Chinese food a lot. Whenever my parents felt like eating out, it would be at one of those American Chinese restaurants and of course my parents were the ones who had the opportunity to order the food. However, they did order us kid our favorites--chow mein, chow fun, and fried rice. Me and my siblings would devour a plate of one of those dishes really quickly.

As the years passed, me and my siblings began to get tired of those type of dishes and Chinese food. We got tired of it because we ate it too often. We got tired of it because we are surrounded by relatives or friends who were chefs of Americanized Chinese food. We were tired of it because we had to serve customers the food for several years. It no longer seemed as appetizing as it was when we were kids. Although we do each have a preference of which dishes we prefer. I prefer salt baked shrimp & honey walnut shrimp. However, whenever I find myself eating one of the dishes I just don't have the same excitement anymore. I just eat the food because I'm hungry, not because I ever crave it.

So, today, I don't find myself going out to eat at Chinese restaurants that often. When friends ask where I want to eat, it mostly likely won't be at a Chinese restaurant. The reason is because I want something that I cannot get through family or friends. Sometimes food can be like home for some people. If you don't go out a lot and usually eat family cooked food, then you will be most likely used to certain foods. And, when you try new foods, flavors, or hot foods, you may be exposed to new levels and places you're taste buds haven't been exposed to yet, which is outside your boundaries. I've always been a fan of trying new foods. Because of my curiosity and openness to try new foods, I've discovered fantastic eateries and dishes. And, I like that I'm always seeking food adventures, as well as getting to know what cities have to offer.

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