Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whole Earth Festival 2012 at UC Davis

This weekend is the Whole Earth Festival. Each year, UC Davis has the Whole Earth Festival, which is held on the quad.

There are a bunch of vendors on the quad. They sell different items. They sell jewelry and other unique items.

I thought this was such a cute booth! I would have gotten one of them if it had my name or someone I knew.

I found the brochures for the event. I really like the design that was chosen this year. The brochure contained a calendar of events from Friday-Sunday. It has information on the different sections of the festival, such as Craft.

I was walking around an area that served food and I noticed someone hold a mango stick. I was about to get one and only had $4 and decided if its $4 or less I would get a mango stick. But, the mango stick was $5.

 The poster from FlatLand Collective.

I like how they promoted bringing your own dishes to the event. They even have a place for you to wash the dishes or to return them.

The kid space. This place is less crowded and has more young ones.

I thought that it was interesting that they held up coke and other soda can on the trees.

One of the places where people could perform. I think the performers were doing some kind of dance.

 A view of the different vendors at the festival in the west part of the quad.

A view of the festival and more specifically the middle of the quad.

Another view of the quad.

Something I found on the quad. 

Tie dye shirts! They somehow don't seem like the plain tie dye shirts since you there's the guitar and another design of a smiley, heart, and a peace sign. There were also other items offered.

More design from the tie dye vendor. It was a interesting booth!

Some other vendors on the west quad.

This was  a fun vendor. There were costumes! Their were fairies wings or well they look like them. I saw a few young ones wear them and they were adorable!

Hula hoops!!!

A performance in front of Hart Hall. I like this one since music was interesting. There was also a flute playing and someone was dancing.

Bands had the opportunity to play on east quad. At night, the band gets more attention since the vendors are shut down.

I gave in to the heat and got one of the last remaining Popsicle flavors. But, I think I would have chosen it anyways. Its strawberry lemonade flavored from Faces.

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