Tuesday, May 29, 2012

UC Davis Eggheads

There are many views that I enjoy on campus. And, among one of the sights are the eggheads.There are seven eggheads on campus. Each of them are positioned differently. However, they are all within walking distance of each other and not entirely scattered in random places that are far away from each other.

Egghead at Dutton Hall and behind North Hall; name: Stargazer

The first egghead that I took a picture of. The name of this egghead is Stargazer. I think you can tell how Stargazer got the name by looking at it. This egghead can be found behind North Hall, next to Dutton Hall and in front of Young Hall.

Egghead at Library; name: Bookhead

This egghead is name Bookhead. It can be found in front of the library. I think that it was recently cleaned or something because it's pretty white.

Egghead in front of Mrak Hall (front); name: Eye on Mrak (Fatal Laff)

Mrak Hall is the place where you will find the most eggheads. The name of this egghead is Eye on Mrak (Fatal Laff), which can be found in front of Mrak Hall. The head is upside down.

Egghead in front of Mrak Hall (back); name: Eye on Mrak (Fatal Laff)

I did not notice the back of Eye on Mrak until later. But, hey, look at that eye. It's totally looking at Mrak Hall.

Eggheads in the back of Mrak Hall and front of Law Building; name: See No Evil/Hear No Evil

I've noticed the eggheads in the back of Mrak hall, but don't go around that part of campus that often. I took this picture and then I went to Daviswiki and noticed that there was a picture like this.

Egghead (arboretum in background); name: See No Evil/Hear No Evil

I think these two eggheads are look exactly the same. I can't really tell the difference between them. I know that are facing each other in opposite directions, but other than that I can't tell which is which.

Egghead (science buildings in background); name: See No Evil/ Hear No Evil

The other egghead in the other direction.

in front of Main theater and behind Olson Hall; name: Yin & Yang
I like these eggheads. One of the eggheads is speaking, while the other one is lying down listening. I couldn't tell which one was Yin & Yang though,

either Yin or Yang?

Notice that flower on top? I think its a sunflower.

either Yin or Yang?

It's funny how someone left that piece of paper or whatever on top of this statue. It looks like his earring.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Krush Burger

Food trucks are getting more popular in Sacramento and other areas in California. There are food truck events that occur occasionally. Also, there are food trucks that like to stop at different places in the city. Krush Burger, Drewski's, Shalah's are a couple of food trucks that come to my mind right away. Although I have yet to try Drewski's, I did try Krush Burger a few weeks ago.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the hashtag for #sacburgermonth. I, then, checked it out and decided to go to Krush Burger that weekend. Krush burger was at Caesar's Chavez Park in Sacramento. I think the event was Concerts in the Park and there were other food trucks there. Also, I think budweiser was sponsoring the event, so there was a lot of alcohol consumption in the park.

Before I ordered, I checked out Krush Burger online and I liked that they had mini burgers. I also like that they had flavors that were not the usual I can get from anywhere else. I decided to order three of their mini burgers to share with my sisters. I ordered the Original, Philly, and the Cowbell. The burger was better than I expected. I noticed from the menu online that the burger had grilled onions and I was going to take it off my burger, but I didn't feel the onions in my burger or I was just okay with it in my burger. Usually, the onions would be so noticeable or unpleasing that I wanted to take them off. I think their fries were okay, not that special. I think I should have ordered tater tots instead since I haven't had them in a while and because burger places don't usually offer tater tots.

Americanized Chinese Food

When I was around 7-12, I didn't mind eating Americanized Chinese food a lot. Whenever my parents felt like eating out, it would be at one of those American Chinese restaurants and of course my parents were the ones who had the opportunity to order the food. However, they did order us kid our favorites--chow mein, chow fun, and fried rice. Me and my siblings would devour a plate of one of those dishes really quickly.

As the years passed, me and my siblings began to get tired of those type of dishes and Chinese food. We got tired of it because we ate it too often. We got tired of it because we are surrounded by relatives or friends who were chefs of Americanized Chinese food. We were tired of it because we had to serve customers the food for several years. It no longer seemed as appetizing as it was when we were kids. Although we do each have a preference of which dishes we prefer. I prefer salt baked shrimp & honey walnut shrimp. However, whenever I find myself eating one of the dishes I just don't have the same excitement anymore. I just eat the food because I'm hungry, not because I ever crave it.

So, today, I don't find myself going out to eat at Chinese restaurants that often. When friends ask where I want to eat, it mostly likely won't be at a Chinese restaurant. The reason is because I want something that I cannot get through family or friends. Sometimes food can be like home for some people. If you don't go out a lot and usually eat family cooked food, then you will be most likely used to certain foods. And, when you try new foods, flavors, or hot foods, you may be exposed to new levels and places you're taste buds haven't been exposed to yet, which is outside your boundaries. I've always been a fan of trying new foods. Because of my curiosity and openness to try new foods, I've discovered fantastic eateries and dishes. And, I like that I'm always seeking food adventures, as well as getting to know what cities have to offer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking Chinese Courses

During my university life, I took the beginning Chinese class series to fulfill the language requirement. It was actually a pretty fun class. It was much different than Chinese School, which I will cover in an upcoming post.

It was also more difficult than classes at Chinese school. For Chinese 1, although I managed to do well most of the quarter, I failed the final. It was the same routine for the finals for Chinese 2+3, which was rather difficult no matter how much I studied. It meant that my grade would be lowered by a 1/3 of a letter grade.

I also had a good study buddy! We helped each other out by sharing the book, providing notes, and tips about grammar and tones.

However, there were some pretty fun moments in my Chinese classes. I liked speaking Mandarin with other classmates. It was funny at times. It was also fun working on some of the skits. I'm going to share some of the videos that I did with some of my good Chinese class buddies.

I'm usually not one to act or be in front of the camera, but this was a skit that was for my Chinese course. If you do happen to watch the videos, then enjoy. Oh, and we spoke Mandarin that's in the basic level. But who knows, you might find yourself understanding it or what the characters are trying to do.

For the Love of Fishes

At the moment, I don't have any pictures of cooked fish. So, I guess I will either update it later or have another post about actual cooked fish. Better yet, I think I will do just that. Oh, and this is the 62th post of this year, that means I am now tied with the amount of posts from last year, which means I'm about to post a lot more this year than last year!

So, fish is big in my family. My baby sister and my parents go fishing. My other sister is scared of fish. And, well, my family consumes fish a bit too often. Actually, I think my mom makes fish way too often nowadays and I'm actually pretty tired of it. I miss her old cooking. She doesn't make steam fish or fried fish anymore. And, its more likely to be the fish that she got from fishing.

Here's a picture of the fishes that my family caught last Saturday. I really didn't expect them to catch that many. I always thought that people who went fishing would have to wait hours for fishes, but they brought home bucket of fishes. I wonder where they went fishing. When they were cooked, however, they weren't good.

One day when I came back home, I noticed that we had fishes! I was surprised that my mom would get them. But, she said that she wanted something to look at. If it were me, I would get birds. Anyways, I guess they are fun to look at and it's nice to have something else living at your home. It's not our first time having fishes, but it's pretty nice to have them around.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrate Davis 2012

Today was the Celebrate Davis 2012 event. It is held in Community Park in Davis, CA. It's a pretty huge park. It was my first time at Community Park. I actually heard about this event through twitter. Then, from other websites. I don't think I would have went if I didn't find out about it yesterday.

I arrived at the event a couple of hours after it started. When I arrived, there were already a lot of people. There were people of all ages and families were there as well.

I have to say that I was surprised that there were so fun stuff to do. There was this clown making balloons.

There were also local businesses and others who had a spot in the park.

 Look at the stuff I got tonight. I have to admit that my favorite item was the Mondavi Center pin. Many of them gave out free stuff. Some allowed you to play games, spin wheel, or filled out forms to win prizes. One of the big prizes of the night was the Ipad.

Oh, and not let's forget about the getting to ring the dong! The person said it was from Indonesia, which sounded cool!

I got a balloon and some other great prizes!

There were even youth bands playing while I was there. I also read that the Band-Uh was performing earlier.

A balloon from the Retirement Community.

The crowd during Celebrate Davis.

View of another section of the park during the event.

I always wanted to go in one of those balloon things! They were having rat races, so they were pretty fun!

I been rock climbing before, so I didn't mind not doing it. And, there's always opportunities to go to Rocknasium or other rock climbing places.

 After walking around and getting prizes, we bought pizza from Steve's Pizza Place.

And, the finale was fireworks. It began at 9pm. I decided to record it once I found out it started. It's a bit shaky and it moves up and down since the fireworks dont go to the same places. I must also admit it was hard focusing on watching the fireworks when I was recording. I tried to do both. I liked the fireworks show. Short, but still good. Fireworks don't happen too often, so I'm glad that I got to enjoy it tonight.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing Games

I don't know how it happened. But, I realized that I really like playing board games and other fun games. We have about 14+ games. But, a few people borrowed our games, but I haven't seen them in months. However, me and my siblings haven't played in months. I miss playing games.

Super Mario Kart Chess
Last winter, I played games with a few friends and family members and it was really fun. I had no idea my friends were that competitive! We all really wanted to win the games.

Mah Jong
The thing about playing games is not everyone knows how to play the game. I usually try explaining the game and start playing. I feel that I learn a lot of playing games by just playing them and observing how others played. In fact, I learned how to play Big (Chinese card game) by observing my cousins.

It was always fun getting a new game that none of us played yet. That means that one or more of us would have to read the rules or directions and explain to others how to play the game. It was exciting playing from a new board game and testing whether it was entertaining or not.

There are still some rules that I am unsure of or don't know entirely, but understand the game well enough to play it through. When me and my siblings were younger, we didn't know all of the rules of Monopoly, so we didn't follow all of them. Instead, we made our own rules, which was exciting and made the game end faster.

Then, there's some games where you are like "huh?" I got this shock machine last summer. There's suppose to be two players. Hold on to one of the four sticks and press the circle button in the middle. Watch the circle button in the middle until you see it turn red. Then, it would be a good idea to press the red button from the stick you are holding or you will be shocked. This game sounded very exciting and I'm glad that I have it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whole Earth Festival 2012 at UC Davis

This weekend is the Whole Earth Festival. Each year, UC Davis has the Whole Earth Festival, which is held on the quad.

There are a bunch of vendors on the quad. They sell different items. They sell jewelry and other unique items.

I thought this was such a cute booth! I would have gotten one of them if it had my name or someone I knew.

I found the brochures for the event. I really like the design that was chosen this year. The brochure contained a calendar of events from Friday-Sunday. It has information on the different sections of the festival, such as Craft.

I was walking around an area that served food and I noticed someone hold a mango stick. I was about to get one and only had $4 and decided if its $4 or less I would get a mango stick. But, the mango stick was $5.

 The poster from FlatLand Collective.

I like how they promoted bringing your own dishes to the event. They even have a place for you to wash the dishes or to return them.

The kid space. This place is less crowded and has more young ones.

I thought that it was interesting that they held up coke and other soda can on the trees.

One of the places where people could perform. I think the performers were doing some kind of dance.

 A view of the different vendors at the festival in the west part of the quad.

A view of the festival and more specifically the middle of the quad.

Another view of the quad.

Something I found on the quad. 

Tie dye shirts! They somehow don't seem like the plain tie dye shirts since you there's the guitar and another design of a smiley, heart, and a peace sign. There were also other items offered.

More design from the tie dye vendor. It was a interesting booth!

Some other vendors on the west quad.

This was  a fun vendor. There were costumes! Their were fairies wings or well they look like them. I saw a few young ones wear them and they were adorable!

Hula hoops!!!

A performance in front of Hart Hall. I like this one since music was interesting. There was also a flute playing and someone was dancing.

Bands had the opportunity to play on east quad. At night, the band gets more attention since the vendors are shut down.

I gave in to the heat and got one of the last remaining Popsicle flavors. But, I think I would have chosen it anyways. Its strawberry lemonade flavored from Faces.