Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picnic Day 2012

Yesterday was the 98th annual Picnic Day at UC Davis, #PicnicDay2012!!! Picnic Day is a pretty big event in Davis and many people come. Alumni, students, family, and many out of towners come to Davis during this day. People come for the drinking and partying. Others come to the Downtown Davis area for the food, alcohol, or shops, where businesses have the opportunity to reach maximum occupancy. There are people who come for the shows, exhibits, and other exciting events on campus.

I woke up pretty early in the morning to have a breakfast with my friend. For breakfast, we ended up eating at Crepeville. Today was very hot. I believed it was over 90 degrees for most of today.

While I was walking around Downtown Davis, I noticed #Kony2012 posters. I also noticed that the crowd was getting bigger.

People waiting for the parade in the stands and listened on for the commencement of Picnic Day's parade.

Some plants were given out and there was a line at the Plant Sciences Building.

The Band-Uh! was playing before the parade started and I think they were the openers for the parade.

I also recorded the Picnic Day parade. I didn't record the entire thing. I cut off some parts. It's about 24 minutes, which is pretty long. The parade is not all in order. I apologize about that. I choose an ending that I thought best represented the Davis campus.

Directories of the shows, exhibits, and food in some corners on campus for Picnic Day 2012. The theme for this year was "Then, Now, and Always." But, the directory was also available online in the Picnic Days website. Some of the events that happened today were optical lazer tag, milking of cows, derby race show, and many more. Like every other year, there were long lines for the magic show and some other popular shows.

After a few hours of Picnic Day in the morning, I decided to come back for the last few hours of the Battle of the Bands. Battle of the Bands is one the more popular events of Picnic Day and its one of the longest events. The Battle of the Bands was held in Lake Spafford in the Arboretum. 

For the Battle of the Bands, I believe there were 5 bands from across the state battling. It was very exciting because I got to see how other bands performed, as well as Band Uh!

UC Irvine's band were one of the bands that came and performed. I think Humboldt, and UC San Diego was also there. One other band also came, but I didn't find out where they were from. And, of course, Band uh! was there battling it out with other schools.

I think all the bands gave great performances and I definitely enjoyed them. Also, it was nice to just sit down and listen when the weather was cooler.

Next year, it will be the 99th Picnic Day! Then, the 100th! I will definitely try to make it to the 100th Picnic Day!

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  1. The 100th sounds awesome already! Maybe I'll go to that one. XD