Friday, April 20, 2012

My Thoughts on Reading

So, when I was growing up I wasn't really encouraged to read. My household probably had less than 5 books. Among those books would be a dictionary, one school book, and some other kinds of books. However, I somehow grew to love reading without the encouragement and reading influence of my family.

I remember reading the Goosebumps when I was young and I really liked the series and it was popular during the 90s. I remember reading this book about how fairies were real and I really believed fairies were real. I remember reading Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. I remember ordering books from the scholastic catalog because the books were $0.99 or something like that. I like the The Rainbow Fish Book and thought it was beautiful and really wanted the book. Actually, I still want the book. Gosh, I guess I do remember a few reads from before high school and I think I can recite most of what happened in the books.

However, It wasn't until high school that I really gained a passion for reading. During my freshman year of high school, there was a reading contest. Each class year with the highest number of pages read would receive a pizza party. Since I love eating pizza and would enjoy the opportunity of having it for my class, I decided to read more and I did. I was not a part of the freshman honors English class. But, our freshman class did win the pizza party that year :). I didn't remember any reading contests after freshman year. However, my love of reading increased and I read more books in high school. The books I read were sometimes romance and other interesting reads. I think I have the list of just about every book I read during high school, which is in the process of being updated with my college book list. Oh, and one more thing. One time during my freshman English class, the teacher recognized me and another student as individuals were able to finish a book in a day or something like that. I got kind of happy when she said that.

So, here I am now in college. I'm required to do readings for just about every course. I have read books that professors have written. I've met a famous author, Sherman Alexie. I've also read many books or articles that were hard to comprehend, but it's part of the discussion process that helps us learn. I guess since I been to busy reading assigned texts that I haven't had the opportunity to read books that are of interest to me. I been skipping a lot of pictures in order to finish the reading faster, so I guess my interest in reading has changed. Lately, my goals have been to finish it or grasp a general understanding. While in high school, I really felt that I had to read every single word and page in order to understand everything.

Before Borders shut down permanently, I used up my Borders gift card and got some books. I got books that are pretty popular, Tales of Two Cities, Frankenstein, and others. I also won a book and was given one on my way to class, yet I haven't gotten to them. I hope I can find leisure time to enjoy reading of my own picks soon. Oh, and I have shelves of books at home now instead of the limited quantity I had when I was younger. And, I read most of the books I have now.

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