Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Visit to The Hotdogger

Last week, my friend decided to eat out and suggested The Hotdogger. I really wanted to go because I haven't had a hot dog in the longest time.

I actually prefer hot links over a regular hot dog, so I got the meal, which included a bad of chips and a soda. I forgot to ask for cheese on my hot link. I asked for Russian mustard and ketchup.

My friend ordered a chili dog. It looked so good! I told her that I'm getting that the next time I go there. The bread that she got looked better than the one I got. The only thing I would change in her order is the hot dog to hot link.

I'm glad I went to The Hotdogger. Now, I can cross off this restaurant from places I haven't ate or been to in Davis.

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