Saturday, April 14, 2012

Davis Feminist Film Festival

I've been interning for the Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF) ever since Winter Quarter. I have to say that I enjoy this internship. There were not many hours required each week, so the work load was very manageable. I like the group of interns that I worked with. We helped each other out and helped put on some of the events and tabling.

The preparation for the event came down to the two festival dates, April 12 & 13. I didn't attend the first festival date since my other internship conflicted at the same time. I also had to watch Jeff, who lives at home for my volunteering before it stops showing in theaters after Thursday night. However, I did make it for Friday. I arrived pretty early, so I volunteered to watch the Silent Auction. There were some great items up for auctions.

My tickets for the show! A different color for each of the nights. Each night had a different lineup.

The brochure for the list of lineups. The brochure also included information about the Davis Feminist Film Festival. Also, the interns are included in the brochure, so my name is in there! There was also a survey included, but I didn't have my brochure since I put it in my car before the films began.

I missed a film or two since I volunteered to watch the Silent Auction. When I got in the theater, it looked nicely occupied. I think it had a great turn out. But, I heard Thursday had a better crowd.

After we had intermission, the directors of the event did a thanks and acknowledgement. They mentioned people who made the film festival possible. In addition, the interns who were present were invited to the stage and given flowers. A few others were also invited on stage to get flowers. All of us interns did not expect to get the flowers, but it was appreciated.

I liked the films that were shown and thought that it was a great lineup. I think I liked The Frog film best. For the last film that was shown, the director was there and was available for Q&A after the show.

The end of the 2012 Davis Feminist Film Festival meant that most of the work for my internship are already done. But, I still look forward to connecting with other intern. I'm still open to help out the festival and with anything that can be done ahead of time for next years festival.

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