Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bon Iver Concert at Freeborn

Tonight, I went to the Bon Iver and All Tiny Creatures concert at Freeborn hall at UC Davis. It sold out in a couple of days. However, limited tickets were released and sold a few hours before the event. Bon Iver won a Grammy the day that tickets were released online, so I guess that helped contribute to the fast selling tickets. Bon Iver also performed at Coachella.

Back of Freeborn Hall where trucks load and such

I think most people had to pick up their tickets during will call. When I arrived to pick up my tickets at Freeborn, there were already a line of people waiting to get in. But, I didn't get in line right after getting my tickets. I didn't have the desire to be in the very front, crowded by many other people and there would still be some places around the front if I came in a little later. I don't think this show started on time, but it started very close to the time it was suppose to start.

All Tiny Creatures performing at Freeborn

All Tiny Creatures opened up the show. It's pretty dark in the picture above due to my video camera having no lighting for itself. Also, the effects and lighting for All Tiny Creatures were not very bright and did not change often as Bon Iver.

For this event, there were no seats. Everyone had to stand. I think it was one of my first events that I had to stand. I wasn't wearing the most comfortable shoes for standing, but nothing I can't handle.

Bon Iver performance at Freeborn

When Bon Iver performed, there was much more effects and different kinds of lighting going on. There were more use of props and such. As you can see in the picture, there is some cloth looking thing hanging from the ceiling. That cloth or whatever helped to display some effects and worked with lighting. And, I think it worked out well.

Bon Iver performing at Freeborn

He performed a few more songs before closing. I've only listened one of his songs and it was Skinny Love. It was one of his first songs that he played.

The energy in the room was much stronger when Bon Iver was performing. I noticed that during his more popular songs, more people were recording. I'd say the number of people seemed around 15 or more at times. When it seemed that Bon Iver had closed the show, the crowd remained cheering and out came Bon Iver.

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