Friday, March 23, 2012

Winter Quarter 2012

I just submitted my last assignment for winter quarter and it was a final paper assignment. I must admit that this final season felt very exhausting. But, I remembered to take big breaths here and there. I don't really know how I did on my classes as of now, but I really hope I did better than I thought. I just have to say that winter quarters always seemed most stressful and intense for me ever since I was a Freshman.

I took 4 classes this quarter, so I won't be behind on double majoring and having a minor, and so I can graduate this Spring. In fact, I think I have taken four classes ever since sophomore year, so that's about 16 units every single quarter. I really hope it pays off. It was a lot of work. Next quarter, however, I believe I only have to take three required classes, so only 12 units! And, that's all the classes that I plan to take for credit! I can't have my last quarter filled with a lot of work. I just don't want that.

I want to take a language class--either German or Vietnamese. But, those classes will not be taken for credit. The Vietnamese and German class are assigned on the same day and day, so I can only choose one. The Vietnamese class is funded by a grant provided by Associated Students of UC Davis and I think textbooks will also be provided.The Vietnamese class is for beginners, which works well for me since I have no knowledge of Vietnamese. I only know a handful of vocabulary like "Pho Ga," "Saigon," and "banh". And, I only know what "Pho Ga" means and only learned that word because I love pho. The German class is one of those classes offered by International House Davis and it is conversational for all levels. I also only know a handful of phrases, such as "Guten Morgen," "Entschuldigung," "Guten Tag," "Ich Bin Dein Gummibär," and lederhosen. I think learning German will be fun and I been wanting to do that for a while, especially since I really want to travel to Austria and Germany in the nearby future.

I'm also going to continue my two internships next quarter. Also, next quarter is when both of the internships will start adding on more work.

I finished winter quarter and my second last quarter of my university life. Kind of difficult to believe. Now, one more quarter left. Luckily, there is spring break in between the two quarters!

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