Friday, March 16, 2012

Revisiting my Dorm

Just this year, I found out that my former dorm building was being destroyed! I used to live in L building in Tercero. I visited the dorm complex today and the building is still there, but the whole building will be gone soon enough. Other old dorm buildings will be destroyed as well. I couldn't walk very near or see much because of the wall and fences, but I still managed to get a few glances here and there.

The dorm was a place for a lot of my university memories as a freshman.

I remember the time when we left the window open in our dorm room and all of a sudden these small flying bugs came into our room. And, by that I mean, bugs that seem like they were coming by the hundreds. So, how did we handle the situation? Well, it seemed that they were attracted by the light so, we closed the light in our room. Also, we tried squishing them with napkins and such, but there were too many. Then, we thought why not spray them too. With my roommates permission I asked to spray one of my perfumes since she can't handle strong odors. I ended up spraying the army of little tiny creatures until there were no more. What a night.

I liked that there were other people living right across and in the upper floors. It was convenient when I had the same class as some of them. I also met my housemates for my sophomore year in the dorms.

Oh, and there was the first week of class. My foot felt very itchy and didn't discover the problem until I came back to my dorm room. It was a very huge bug bite, which happened to be a allergic reaction to some bug. I have not had a bug bite that size before. It was very itchy and I just wanted to bite it off.

This mural lead to the laundry room in the first floor. Some people found it creepy. I just found weird. I think better murals could have been there. And, while I was still living in the dorms, there was talk of designing murals. But, I guess that hasn't happened and won't be happening any longer.

The bike parking lot! I rarely ride my bike to campus. I enjoy walking! Oh, and I lived directly across from one of my classes building during my freshman year. It was very convenient!

Yes, the L building. It stood for Ladies building. Only ladies occupied this building, so I didn't really get to meet that many guys.

And, after all those memories, the old dorm buildings are being destroyed!

Fence around the old dorm buildings.

A very huge wall that covered the dorm buildings. It was a very tall wall. I couldn't see anything over it, except the trees.

Another view of the construction.

I knew that the dorm building that I lived in was pretty old. But, I didn't think it was old enough that it was going to be torn down for new buildings. I guess that's good for the upcoming generation of university students. The university has changed from when I first came and it will continue to change. Gosh, I'm just thinking of how it would look 10, 15, or 20 years from now. That's kind of hard to take in and that the future awaits.

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  1. Are they taking down all the letter buildings? That's crazy! I can't imagine how different the campus would look.