Friday, March 23, 2012

Pho King IV

There is a new pho place in Davis, Pho King IV. Most people expected it to be better than the other place since it is a popular chain restaurant from Sacramento. It's also very close to campus. It's less than a 5 minute walk from the memorial union!

Yesterday, I went to Pho King IV. They opened just last week and are giving out sodas for the first two weeks of it opening. I got a coke for free! I ordered the Pho Ga. The noodle soup just looks simple now that I think of it. When I first looked at the bowl, I thought that the chicken looked old. They did give me plenty of chicken, like most other places and I tend to demand more noodles.The chicken also didn't include the skin. Nonetheless, I continued to eat since I was very hungry. Overall, this bowl of pho is what I would expect. Although, the chicken is something they could improve.

Since my first visit to Pho King IV, I been back a few times. I like this place because its close to campus and its pretty cheap. I also think that I like ordering the "tai", which is some steak. "Tai" actually goes well with the Pho Ga. Mhm... Now I'm craving pho,

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