Friday, March 9, 2012

My Winter Internships

I haven't spent much time writing about my internships, so I decided to write more about it.

During the beginning of the quarter, I wasn't really sure what I would be doing for my two new internships. My internships for winter quarter are at the Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF) and APIA Searchlight Directory. For both of the internships, I am part of a Facebook group specific to interns. Also, for both the meetings are on campus and usually includes an update of what interns have done. My roles for both the internships are different and I feel that I have learned from both. I will continue the internships until next quarter, so I will be able to say more about them later.

For DFFF, I check emails twice, daily. Emails seem to come slowly and not too many questions that are difficult to answer. Moreover, I send confirmation emails of submissions and their status. The internship also involves attending meetings with other interns. Through the meetings, I found out more about what else the DFFF is planning to do, including fundraising and events. I've helped flyered at the MU during a terribly cold and windy day. I've helped with developing a master email list to create a listserv. I helped voiced my opinion in art submissions for the art show. I think my internship for DFFF has been pretty chill. I thought the internship would be more intense.

For APIA Searchlight, I attend weekly meetings with committee members. I provide criticism and comments on designs for the directory, fundraisers, or any other designs. I also attend fundraising events. I also work with my committee, which is the marketing committee. For the marketing committee, our task is to contact businesses and ask if they are interested in sponsoring APIA Searchlight by purchasing. It can be pretty fun, but not very easy. My marketing committee had met the challenge of managers or owners, who do not appear to be present while we are visiting their business. I have learned more about businesses while searching for sponsorship opportunities. I learned that some businesses don't answer their phones. I'm learning more about which businesses might be interested in sponsoring.

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