Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memory of taking School Buses

It was about the time that I reached high school that the school district buses stop providing transportation to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon for the majority of the students in the community. However, before that point, I have taken the school buses during middle school. I like taking buses if it was a good experience, but there were many awful memories that related to the buses during middle school.

I would have to wake up early in the morning just to walk and catch the bus. I, along with a few other students waited in a certain spot for the bus to come. The waiting spot to catch the bus to middle school was in a spot that was in the street area that was behind homes. At times, it would be very windy and the dirt or whatever else in the ground would be picked up by the wind or the passing cars and we would have to turn our heads, so that the dirt or such wouldn't get into our eyes.

I remember this one specific bus driver we had, she was always late. I hated it. She wasn't late by like 5 or 10 minutes. It was so much longer than that. There were times that she didn't even come until like 30 minutes to 1hr later. That meant, that me and other students were the last ones waiting in front of the school, while other buses already came and left. We just had to sit there and hoped that a bus would come soon. Once she came, she always had this stern face on her and I don't ever recall her apologizing for her lateness. I remembered this one time she was angry with some of the students in the bus, so she made us sit three per seat. I disliked that since regularly it was two people to a seat and it felt really tight and we were all so close together.

I also didn't enjoy the busing experience because some of the students on the bus would be very rowdy. I also noticed how there was bullying that occurred in the buses or that people didn't want to sit with a certain person.

I didn't like that although my home is less than a 10 minute drive from the school, I would arrive home much later. I would have to wait for the bus to come and stop at the first destination.Then, eventually, stop at my destination, which happened to be last. Then, I would have to walk for a good 15 minutes before I actually came to my home.

On the other hand, I did like that the buses provided us transportation. It helped provided a lot of students a ride to school, especially for those students who had parents who had worked early or just couldn't get a ride to school by means other than walking. My mother didn't find it necessary to drive me to school most of the time since there was already free transportation that took me to school.

When the buses were proposed being cut, there were many who opposed. I remembered a statement from someone who opposed the cuts recommended saying something along the lines of "would you want your own children taking the walk to school?" to the board members. I just thought it was a powerful statement. It helped me realize that taking the bus, was in part something that had been provided to the students and is a part of their safety.

It was hard to realize that the bus system that I had available to me wouldn't be available to my younger siblings. I would be the only child that had the bus experience. Nowadays, my younger siblings don't take the bus and are provided a ride by car or my dad walks with them to school up until middle school. During elementary and middle school, my younger siblings won't know what it's like to walk and have it suddenly rain on your without no umbrella and all you can do is keep walking. I'm glad that my younger siblings won't be presented with the same conditions I had and that they have reliable transportation to school and home.

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  1. I was also not very fond of the buses during middle school. They were overcrowded and the bus driver didn't seem to care for the kids as long as everyone sat down so they could keep moving. I had a girl call me "chinese girl" and tell me to sit down at an emergency exit that had no seat. I hated it! My dad used to drop me off really early at school because I disliked the bus so much. I eventually started carpooling with a friend. The Unitrans experience is definitely a lot better even though it's not exactly the same.