Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lady Antebellum: Own the Night Tour in Sacramento

Power Balance Pavilion, the stadium for the Lady Antebellum concert in Sacramento! Also, it's the former Arco Arena. I had my high school graduation in this place.

Oh, I have to say that the parking for Power balance Pavilion was expensive! It cost $12 for parking for the night. I never paid so much for parking. Ridiculous. Also, I noticed that there were more older folks in this concert. I really believed that the middle age+ outnumbered the teenagers and other aged individuals. A sign of that was the selling of alcohol.

The concert before and after showtime. By the time Lady Antebellum sang, the pavilion was a full house. I had a seat that was far away from the stage. Otherwise, I would have had a better view.

Opening to the Show!

The concert started right at 7pm. Glad I knew that it would start on time. Otherwise, we would have missed the opening, Thompson Square.                                                                                                        

I thought that Thompson Square had a very cute accent!

During the concert, the drunk lady sitting next to my friend, spilled beer on my friends newly worn sweater. She also spilled more beer while she was dancing as the concert continued.

Darius Rocker played next. He sang a lot of songs. I like Darius Rucker's Purple Rain. I thought it was the best part of his section. I'm also glad that he gave up his hat that he wore during the entire time he sang about 5+ songs, although it must have been a sweaty hat by then.

Before Lady Antebellum closed the night, there was a Lady A Dance Party (LADP) session. It meant that the small dance pit were open to certain people. Also, dance music were put on and showed some members of the crowd dancing.

During the concert, Lady Antebellum pulled up two guests. The first one was name Emily and she's 10. And, the other one was named Olsen? The funniest part about the two girls who were pulled up is that they are sisters. That's pretty sweet.

I also liked the pink piano. I thought it was very cute.

Just when we thought the concert ended, Lady Antebellum came back out and sang one of their most popular songs, "Need you Now". It was definitely a good song to end with.

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