Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Halfway Mark

Today, reflects the middle of my spring break. That means, I still have half of my spring break left.

So far, I have celebrated my sisters 15th belated birthday at Mikuni's. I watched The Ugly Truth with my sister. I watched Big Time Movie with my baby sister. I went to Target two times with my sisters. I ate about 4 trays of bread with my sisters.

I started on my job search and not stopping until I begin one. I looked at some state exams and have taken one and plan on taking more. I edited my resume and I'm still in the process of editing before submitting for a job.

I'm still worrisome of two of my classes from last quarter because those grades haven't been submitted to sisweb yet. I hope that the other Blockbuster in my area has The September Issue DVD and in working condition. I'm glad that my family want to attend my commencement.

I'm waiting for my friend to come back because on Thursday we are going to attend the Lady Antebellum concert. I'm waiting for Friday, so I can see Hungry Games and understand more about what people have been raving about.

I'm not waiting to buy like 9+ books for class next quarter. I'm not looking forward to walking to one of my classes around 8am. Yet, I can't wait for what spring quarter has to offer, including its exciting events and interesting lectures. It's my last quarter, so I definitely want to make it strong and the best!

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  1. Good luck during your last quarter! Finish strong! :D