Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Events in Davis and Sacramento

During my time at UC Davis, I spent the majority of my time focusing on studies or being involved on campus through a project, internship or volunteering. But, there are other opportunities for me to engage in what happens on campus and around the Davis/Sacramento area. I know that I have not taken advantage of a lot of the opportunities, but I am working on taking advantage of more of them.

Before I came to UC Davis, I haven't been to a concert. My first concert was the B Here Concert at Freeborn Hall in UC Davis and it was so awesome. I went to my second concert, Big Time Rush Better With You in Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, and it was also amazing. After attending the Big Time Rush concert, I thought to myself, I should take advantage of more opportunities in the Davis/Sacramento area. And, that will be one of my goals for this year.

I am already working on that goal. Although I already missed out on Drake and will miss out on Steve Aoki and The Shins, I will be attending other exciting concerts. I bought a ticket to see Lady Antebellum in Power Balance Pavilion during my spring break. I'm not a huge fan of Lady Antebellum, but I definitely wanted to do something exciting during my spring break. Plus, my friend likes Lady Antebellum and wanted to go. I've purchased a ticket to see Bon Iver with All Tiny Creatures at Freeborn Hall at UC Davis. Actually, I haven't really listen to any of Bon Iver's songs. I bought a ticket after I found out he won a Grammy, so I assumed he was wonderful. Yes, I love attending events, in which, I have no idea what I'm expecting, but assume that I will have a great time. I'm glad I bought my tickets to see Bon Iver the night they came out because the concert sold out about two days after the tickets were sold! Also, I recently found out Explosions From the Sky are coming to Mondavi Center in UC Davis and I want to see them as well, even though I am not familiar with their music.

One thing that has changed during my 4th year in university was that I finally have my own car to drive anywhere I like. That means I could do more things and go to more events. So there's almost no excuse not to attend an event. Having a car allows me to attend the Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF), which I been meaning to attend since my freshman year but did not have a ride at night and didn't have a bike. In addition, I will also be able to attend the DFFF dance party and art show. I was also able to attend the Hackademy awards this year without having to worry if I had a ride or not. But, I did have to worry about finding parking, but that turned out to be no problem.

I have been attending the Davis Farmers Market every week and I don't seem to get tired of it. It just feels nice to go there and see what locals have to sell. I've also walked past the Davis Flea Market, but haven't really looked around. So, I plan on browsing next time.

There are so many events coming up! They each offer something unique and exciting. I cant wait. There's picnic day, which will be huge! There's the Whole Earth Festival. There's the Davis Film Festival. There's also going to be a Asian American Film Festival in UC Davis, which they have every year. During my freshman year, the whole room was filled with attendee and it had declined since and I want to show my support for that event this year. There's also the UC Davis Pow wow, which will have tons of great performances and food. Also, I can't forget about the culture days. There's going to be the Native American Culture Days, La Razya Culture Days, Mixed Heritage Week, Black Family Week, and Asian Pacific Culture Week. I want to attend at least one event from those different culture weeks at UC Davis.

I'm happy for all these events to happen, as well as so many other events! My spring quarter and last quarter at UC Davis will definitely be memorable and successful!

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  1. Oh man... events are exciting! This makes me want to go to more concerts now. I feel like I haven't been to a legit one.