Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lady Antebellum: Own the Night Tour in Sacramento

Power Balance Pavilion, the stadium for the Lady Antebellum concert in Sacramento! Also, it's the former Arco Arena. I had my high school graduation in this place.

Oh, I have to say that the parking for Power balance Pavilion was expensive! It cost $12 for parking for the night. I never paid so much for parking. Ridiculous. Also, I noticed that there were more older folks in this concert. I really believed that the middle age+ outnumbered the teenagers and other aged individuals. A sign of that was the selling of alcohol.

The concert before and after showtime. By the time Lady Antebellum sang, the pavilion was a full house. I had a seat that was far away from the stage. Otherwise, I would have had a better view.

Opening to the Show!

The concert started right at 7pm. Glad I knew that it would start on time. Otherwise, we would have missed the opening, Thompson Square.                                                                                                        

I thought that Thompson Square had a very cute accent!

During the concert, the drunk lady sitting next to my friend, spilled beer on my friends newly worn sweater. She also spilled more beer while she was dancing as the concert continued.

Darius Rocker played next. He sang a lot of songs. I like Darius Rucker's Purple Rain. I thought it was the best part of his section. I'm also glad that he gave up his hat that he wore during the entire time he sang about 5+ songs, although it must have been a sweaty hat by then.

Before Lady Antebellum closed the night, there was a Lady A Dance Party (LADP) session. It meant that the small dance pit were open to certain people. Also, dance music were put on and showed some members of the crowd dancing.

During the concert, Lady Antebellum pulled up two guests. The first one was name Emily and she's 10. And, the other one was named Olsen? The funniest part about the two girls who were pulled up is that they are sisters. That's pretty sweet.

I also liked the pink piano. I thought it was very cute.

Just when we thought the concert ended, Lady Antebellum came back out and sang one of their most popular songs, "Need you Now". It was definitely a good song to end with.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Texas Roadhouse

I really wanted to to go to Texas Roadhouse, so me and my sisters went there the other day. It was the first time we had to wait. It didn't take too long though. When we were waiting I noticed that you can get peanuts. And, we can through the shells on the ground. In fact, there were already peanut shells all over the ground. It felt nice that it was normal to get a bag of peanuts and that we can throw the shell on the ground.

When we were seated, there was already a bag of peanuts in the table.

Also, we were immediately served their bread. We love their bread. We immediately finished a tray of bread, which is four pieces each.

We ended up getting four trays of bread when we were there. We also got 8 pieces of bread to go. Luckily, there don't charge for their trays of bread. Delicious rolls of bread. mhmm...

My sister got the Caesar salad. It was huge. She didn't finish it that night. But, I helped her finished it the next day.

I got chili as part of my appetizers. I thought it was good chili. I'm going to get that as my side again next time.

I always try to finish the fries and so we finished the fries. I got the steak done medium well. I didn't like it. I think it was too dry. I think I would have preferred more juice in the meat.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We went to Mikuni's to celebrate my sisters belated birthday after I came back.

Mikuni's is a restaurant that you have to order sushi and I haven't been to one in a while. I usually go to sushi buffets. We decided to order three dishes: Train Wreck, Benjamin Roll, and Japanese Mafia 

Train Wreck
 I think I like the train wreck the best. It was the first roll that we finished.

Benjamin Roll

I liked the Benjamin Roll second best. It had jalapenos on it, but I didn't think it was spicy.

Japanese Mafia
I didn't like the Japanese mafia roll since there was eel in it and it felt slimy. But, my youngest sister really liked this roll. And, she ate the most from the Japanese mafia roll than the others.

Bon appetit

The three sushi rolls that we ordered for the three of us. We finished every single piece. But, with the exceptions with a few toppings not being devoured.

We also went to Lollicup to get boba. I got honeydew milk tea and my sister got the white chocolate mocha with mini boba. I prefer getting the larger size because I always tend to finish it while I am drinking it at the shop.

100th post!

I made it to 100th posts in this blog! YAY!

It's kind of funny starting this post after I just posted a post titled "Halfway Mark," but that post is a topic all on itself.

I started this blog over a year ago as a way to bring myself back into blogging. My blog reflects mostly my experiences. My thoughts or experiences might have triggered strong emotions within me or was something minor in my life. Either way, the memories that I posted about will serve as something that I can read about months and years later from now. And, I like that.

I am on tumblr too. But, I just don't feel that tumblr is the appropriate space for where I want to write about my experiences. I wanted a blog space that focused mainly on people updating about their lives, instead of what they found interesting so they decided to re-blog or re-post other peoples work. I also grew to feel a similar feeling about Facebook. I learned that not everyone wants to be updated on your pictures or statuses of what you do, so I limit much of what I share on Facebook. There's also a limit to what you can share in Facebook since it usually focuses on statuses that are a line or two and not in paragraphs. So, it would be very awkward if I wanted to make paragraphs of posts. And, I can't post pictures and texts the way they are in blogs into Facebook.

Through this blog, I have noticed how I have changed since I first began the blog. I have learned a lot. I realize things that I didn't take notice of before. I gained more goals in life.

I want to thank the people who have taken the time to read my blog, as well as those people who scrolled through a post or two. Although I might be silly, deep, or confusing, I'm glad you decided to keep on reading or viewing.

Thank you very much! Danke Schön! Merci beaucoup! Grazie Mille! Muchas gracias! большое спасибо, not sure how to pronounce this in Russian though. 谢谢!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Halfway Mark

Today, reflects the middle of my spring break. That means, I still have half of my spring break left.

So far, I have celebrated my sisters 15th belated birthday at Mikuni's. I watched The Ugly Truth with my sister. I watched Big Time Movie with my baby sister. I went to Target two times with my sisters. I ate about 4 trays of bread with my sisters.

I started on my job search and not stopping until I begin one. I looked at some state exams and have taken one and plan on taking more. I edited my resume and I'm still in the process of editing before submitting for a job.

I'm still worrisome of two of my classes from last quarter because those grades haven't been submitted to sisweb yet. I hope that the other Blockbuster in my area has The September Issue DVD and in working condition. I'm glad that my family want to attend my commencement.

I'm waiting for my friend to come back because on Thursday we are going to attend the Lady Antebellum concert. I'm waiting for Friday, so I can see Hungry Games and understand more about what people have been raving about.

I'm not waiting to buy like 9+ books for class next quarter. I'm not looking forward to walking to one of my classes around 8am. Yet, I can't wait for what spring quarter has to offer, including its exciting events and interesting lectures. It's my last quarter, so I definitely want to make it strong and the best!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pho King IV

There is a new pho place in Davis, Pho King IV. Most people expected it to be better than the other place since it is a popular chain restaurant from Sacramento. It's also very close to campus. It's less than a 5 minute walk from the memorial union!

Yesterday, I went to Pho King IV. They opened just last week and are giving out sodas for the first two weeks of it opening. I got a coke for free! I ordered the Pho Ga. The noodle soup just looks simple now that I think of it. When I first looked at the bowl, I thought that the chicken looked old. They did give me plenty of chicken, like most other places and I tend to demand more noodles.The chicken also didn't include the skin. Nonetheless, I continued to eat since I was very hungry. Overall, this bowl of pho is what I would expect. Although, the chicken is something they could improve.

Since my first visit to Pho King IV, I been back a few times. I like this place because its close to campus and its pretty cheap. I also think that I like ordering the "tai", which is some steak. "Tai" actually goes well with the Pho Ga. Mhm... Now I'm craving pho,

Winter Quarter 2012

I just submitted my last assignment for winter quarter and it was a final paper assignment. I must admit that this final season felt very exhausting. But, I remembered to take big breaths here and there. I don't really know how I did on my classes as of now, but I really hope I did better than I thought. I just have to say that winter quarters always seemed most stressful and intense for me ever since I was a Freshman.

I took 4 classes this quarter, so I won't be behind on double majoring and having a minor, and so I can graduate this Spring. In fact, I think I have taken four classes ever since sophomore year, so that's about 16 units every single quarter. I really hope it pays off. It was a lot of work. Next quarter, however, I believe I only have to take three required classes, so only 12 units! And, that's all the classes that I plan to take for credit! I can't have my last quarter filled with a lot of work. I just don't want that.

I want to take a language class--either German or Vietnamese. But, those classes will not be taken for credit. The Vietnamese and German class are assigned on the same day and day, so I can only choose one. The Vietnamese class is funded by a grant provided by Associated Students of UC Davis and I think textbooks will also be provided.The Vietnamese class is for beginners, which works well for me since I have no knowledge of Vietnamese. I only know a handful of vocabulary like "Pho Ga," "Saigon," and "banh". And, I only know what "Pho Ga" means and only learned that word because I love pho. The German class is one of those classes offered by International House Davis and it is conversational for all levels. I also only know a handful of phrases, such as "Guten Morgen," "Entschuldigung," "Guten Tag," "Ich Bin Dein Gummibär," and lederhosen. I think learning German will be fun and I been wanting to do that for a while, especially since I really want to travel to Austria and Germany in the nearby future.

I'm also going to continue my two internships next quarter. Also, next quarter is when both of the internships will start adding on more work.

I finished winter quarter and my second last quarter of my university life. Kind of difficult to believe. Now, one more quarter left. Luckily, there is spring break in between the two quarters!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memory of taking School Buses

It was about the time that I reached high school that the school district buses stop providing transportation to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon for the majority of the students in the community. However, before that point, I have taken the school buses during middle school. I like taking buses if it was a good experience, but there were many awful memories that related to the buses during middle school.

I would have to wake up early in the morning just to walk and catch the bus. I, along with a few other students waited in a certain spot for the bus to come. The waiting spot to catch the bus to middle school was in a spot that was in the street area that was behind homes. At times, it would be very windy and the dirt or whatever else in the ground would be picked up by the wind or the passing cars and we would have to turn our heads, so that the dirt or such wouldn't get into our eyes.

I remember this one specific bus driver we had, she was always late. I hated it. She wasn't late by like 5 or 10 minutes. It was so much longer than that. There were times that she didn't even come until like 30 minutes to 1hr later. That meant, that me and other students were the last ones waiting in front of the school, while other buses already came and left. We just had to sit there and hoped that a bus would come soon. Once she came, she always had this stern face on her and I don't ever recall her apologizing for her lateness. I remembered this one time she was angry with some of the students in the bus, so she made us sit three per seat. I disliked that since regularly it was two people to a seat and it felt really tight and we were all so close together.

I also didn't enjoy the busing experience because some of the students on the bus would be very rowdy. I also noticed how there was bullying that occurred in the buses or that people didn't want to sit with a certain person.

I didn't like that although my home is less than a 10 minute drive from the school, I would arrive home much later. I would have to wait for the bus to come and stop at the first destination.Then, eventually, stop at my destination, which happened to be last. Then, I would have to walk for a good 15 minutes before I actually came to my home.

On the other hand, I did like that the buses provided us transportation. It helped provided a lot of students a ride to school, especially for those students who had parents who had worked early or just couldn't get a ride to school by means other than walking. My mother didn't find it necessary to drive me to school most of the time since there was already free transportation that took me to school.

When the buses were proposed being cut, there were many who opposed. I remembered a statement from someone who opposed the cuts recommended saying something along the lines of "would you want your own children taking the walk to school?" to the board members. I just thought it was a powerful statement. It helped me realize that taking the bus, was in part something that had been provided to the students and is a part of their safety.

It was hard to realize that the bus system that I had available to me wouldn't be available to my younger siblings. I would be the only child that had the bus experience. Nowadays, my younger siblings don't take the bus and are provided a ride by car or my dad walks with them to school up until middle school. During elementary and middle school, my younger siblings won't know what it's like to walk and have it suddenly rain on your without no umbrella and all you can do is keep walking. I'm glad that my younger siblings won't be presented with the same conditions I had and that they have reliable transportation to school and home.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Revisiting my Dorm

Just this year, I found out that my former dorm building was being destroyed! I used to live in L building in Tercero. I visited the dorm complex today and the building is still there, but the whole building will be gone soon enough. Other old dorm buildings will be destroyed as well. I couldn't walk very near or see much because of the wall and fences, but I still managed to get a few glances here and there.

The dorm was a place for a lot of my university memories as a freshman.

I remember the time when we left the window open in our dorm room and all of a sudden these small flying bugs came into our room. And, by that I mean, bugs that seem like they were coming by the hundreds. So, how did we handle the situation? Well, it seemed that they were attracted by the light so, we closed the light in our room. Also, we tried squishing them with napkins and such, but there were too many. Then, we thought why not spray them too. With my roommates permission I asked to spray one of my perfumes since she can't handle strong odors. I ended up spraying the army of little tiny creatures until there were no more. What a night.

I liked that there were other people living right across and in the upper floors. It was convenient when I had the same class as some of them. I also met my housemates for my sophomore year in the dorms.

Oh, and there was the first week of class. My foot felt very itchy and didn't discover the problem until I came back to my dorm room. It was a very huge bug bite, which happened to be a allergic reaction to some bug. I have not had a bug bite that size before. It was very itchy and I just wanted to bite it off.

This mural lead to the laundry room in the first floor. Some people found it creepy. I just found weird. I think better murals could have been there. And, while I was still living in the dorms, there was talk of designing murals. But, I guess that hasn't happened and won't be happening any longer.

The bike parking lot! I rarely ride my bike to campus. I enjoy walking! Oh, and I lived directly across from one of my classes building during my freshman year. It was very convenient!

Yes, the L building. It stood for Ladies building. Only ladies occupied this building, so I didn't really get to meet that many guys.

And, after all those memories, the old dorm buildings are being destroyed!

Fence around the old dorm buildings.

A very huge wall that covered the dorm buildings. It was a very tall wall. I couldn't see anything over it, except the trees.

Another view of the construction.

I knew that the dorm building that I lived in was pretty old. But, I didn't think it was old enough that it was going to be torn down for new buildings. I guess that's good for the upcoming generation of university students. The university has changed from when I first came and it will continue to change. Gosh, I'm just thinking of how it would look 10, 15, or 20 years from now. That's kind of hard to take in and that the future awaits.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Events in Davis and Sacramento

During my time at UC Davis, I spent the majority of my time focusing on studies or being involved on campus through a project, internship or volunteering. But, there are other opportunities for me to engage in what happens on campus and around the Davis/Sacramento area. I know that I have not taken advantage of a lot of the opportunities, but I am working on taking advantage of more of them.

Before I came to UC Davis, I haven't been to a concert. My first concert was the B Here Concert at Freeborn Hall in UC Davis and it was so awesome. I went to my second concert, Big Time Rush Better With You in Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, and it was also amazing. After attending the Big Time Rush concert, I thought to myself, I should take advantage of more opportunities in the Davis/Sacramento area. And, that will be one of my goals for this year.

I am already working on that goal. Although I already missed out on Drake and will miss out on Steve Aoki and The Shins, I will be attending other exciting concerts. I bought a ticket to see Lady Antebellum in Power Balance Pavilion during my spring break. I'm not a huge fan of Lady Antebellum, but I definitely wanted to do something exciting during my spring break. Plus, my friend likes Lady Antebellum and wanted to go. I've purchased a ticket to see Bon Iver with All Tiny Creatures at Freeborn Hall at UC Davis. Actually, I haven't really listen to any of Bon Iver's songs. I bought a ticket after I found out he won a Grammy, so I assumed he was wonderful. Yes, I love attending events, in which, I have no idea what I'm expecting, but assume that I will have a great time. I'm glad I bought my tickets to see Bon Iver the night they came out because the concert sold out about two days after the tickets were sold! Also, I recently found out Explosions From the Sky are coming to Mondavi Center in UC Davis and I want to see them as well, even though I am not familiar with their music.

One thing that has changed during my 4th year in university was that I finally have my own car to drive anywhere I like. That means I could do more things and go to more events. So there's almost no excuse not to attend an event. Having a car allows me to attend the Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF), which I been meaning to attend since my freshman year but did not have a ride at night and didn't have a bike. In addition, I will also be able to attend the DFFF dance party and art show. I was also able to attend the Hackademy awards this year without having to worry if I had a ride or not. But, I did have to worry about finding parking, but that turned out to be no problem.

I have been attending the Davis Farmers Market every week and I don't seem to get tired of it. It just feels nice to go there and see what locals have to sell. I've also walked past the Davis Flea Market, but haven't really looked around. So, I plan on browsing next time.

There are so many events coming up! They each offer something unique and exciting. I cant wait. There's picnic day, which will be huge! There's the Whole Earth Festival. There's the Davis Film Festival. There's also going to be a Asian American Film Festival in UC Davis, which they have every year. During my freshman year, the whole room was filled with attendee and it had declined since and I want to show my support for that event this year. There's also the UC Davis Pow wow, which will have tons of great performances and food. Also, I can't forget about the culture days. There's going to be the Native American Culture Days, La Razya Culture Days, Mixed Heritage Week, Black Family Week, and Asian Pacific Culture Week. I want to attend at least one event from those different culture weeks at UC Davis.

I'm happy for all these events to happen, as well as so many other events! My spring quarter and last quarter at UC Davis will definitely be memorable and successful!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Winter Internships

I haven't spent much time writing about my internships, so I decided to write more about it.

During the beginning of the quarter, I wasn't really sure what I would be doing for my two new internships. My internships for winter quarter are at the Davis Feminist Film Festival (DFFF) and APIA Searchlight Directory. For both of the internships, I am part of a Facebook group specific to interns. Also, for both the meetings are on campus and usually includes an update of what interns have done. My roles for both the internships are different and I feel that I have learned from both. I will continue the internships until next quarter, so I will be able to say more about them later.

For DFFF, I check emails twice, daily. Emails seem to come slowly and not too many questions that are difficult to answer. Moreover, I send confirmation emails of submissions and their status. The internship also involves attending meetings with other interns. Through the meetings, I found out more about what else the DFFF is planning to do, including fundraising and events. I've helped flyered at the MU during a terribly cold and windy day. I've helped with developing a master email list to create a listserv. I helped voiced my opinion in art submissions for the art show. I think my internship for DFFF has been pretty chill. I thought the internship would be more intense.

For APIA Searchlight, I attend weekly meetings with committee members. I provide criticism and comments on designs for the directory, fundraisers, or any other designs. I also attend fundraising events. I also work with my committee, which is the marketing committee. For the marketing committee, our task is to contact businesses and ask if they are interested in sponsoring APIA Searchlight by purchasing. It can be pretty fun, but not very easy. My marketing committee had met the challenge of managers or owners, who do not appear to be present while we are visiting their business. I have learned more about businesses while searching for sponsorship opportunities. I learned that some businesses don't answer their phones. I'm learning more about which businesses might be interested in sponsoring.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Closing of Ben & Jerry's in Davis

Chocolate Therapy flavored ice cream @ Ben & Jerry's
On Tuesday night, I learned that Ben & Jerry's was closing through a tweet. I found this fact sad because I like that place. That was the closes Ben & Jerry's in Davis and in Sacramento. Now, the closes one is in Napa.

Chocolate Therapy flavored ice cream @ Ben & Jerry's
When I learned about Ben & Jerry's closing on Wednesday, I just had to go there for a scoop. I went that evening and someone I had in my class before gave me a coupon for a free scoop. The thing was that most of the flavors were gone :(. There were about 4 ice cream flavors to choose from when I was there. I had my mind set on chocolate therapy, but I suppose it was my time to try a new flavor. I choose the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. And, I got the second to last scoop left of that flavor. It was delicious! I didn't think I would enjoy it that much, but I did, and I actually bought a bucket of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake today.

Strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream @ Ben & Jerry's
I'm definitely going to miss having a Ben & Jerry's around time. I love their ice cream and their unique ice cream names! If another ice cream place or business were to take over that location, I would hope it's Häagen Dazs.