Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week #2 in February

This was a very busy week for me.

On Monday, I had an internship meeting. I went by pretty quickly. Afterwards, I worked on creating a master email list. This internship seems pretty chill, but I think it's going to get more busy when the day of the festival approaches!

I had a paper due Tuesday and I was almost done on Monday night. Just needed to edit it. However, I had another paper due on Wednesday. And, I didn't do much preparation for that paper. So, I tried to finish my paper on Tuesday first before Wednesdays. I thought that I wouldn't like Wednesdays this quarter because I have classes for about 5 hours straight. But, it's Tuesdays that I enjoy less. On Tuesdays, I have to spend the night preparing for discussions, readings, and assignments for my classes on Wednesday. When Wednesday finally approaches, it's actually pretty quick and that kind of surprises me.

I had my other internship meeting on Wednesday. It was picture day, so we had to dress up nice. Well, at least from the top. I like dressing nice, but most of my professional clothes are summer focused. I don't have a lot of coats or pants. I mostly have several skirts and blouses. We also chose a design cover for the publication next year, but it's still going to be edited further. Also, for the internship I supported the first fundraiser at Ali Baba's by just mentioning APIA Searchlight Directory.

hamburger @ Ali Babas

french fries with ketchup @ Ali Babas

 On Wednesday and Thursday night, I prepared for my midterm on Friday. I skipped a lot of interesting meetings to study. When Friday approached, I was really nervous because I certainly didn't study enough. There was so much more I should have taken in and known. I came to my first class on Friday exhausted as always. I don't know what it is, but I always feel exhausted in that class. But, I still manage to take my notes. After that class, I went to take my midterm. When I got in, the students were immediately told to take the blue book out, so that we could start promptly. And, the professor had a timer, so the class would know when we could all start. I think he was the first professor to have a timer go off for a midterm to start. We had 50 minutes to finish the midterm. I could have used more time, but I finished the midterm with what I could have said. Now, I just have one more midterm to go!

On Friday, I really wanted to watch Underworld. But, it wasn't showing anywhere in Davis anymore. My next choice was The Vow. I knew it was going to be very popular this weekend and probably make #1, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. But, first, me and my housemate decided to eat and we went to Hoa Viet Restaurant. My housemate got the seafood noodle soup. I was in the mood for beef vermicelli, so that's what I got.

seafood noodle soup

beef vermicelli
finished beef vermicelli

Yes, I finished my vermicelli. Well, there's a tinsy part of the sauce in the bottom and a few vegetables. But, I didn't want to lick the bowl at the moment.

After we finished eating dinner, we headed over to watch the 7:45 screening for The Vow. I went to the parking garage and had to drive all up to the third floor. When we got downstairs to buy the tickets for The Vow, I noticed that a sign that said the tickets were sold out for the 7:45 showing. I was sad since we could have bought the tickets before dinner and we could have watched the movie. Also, I really wanted to watch a movie that evening.

When me and my housemate were on our way back to our apartment, we decided to go to the ARC. While we were there we found out about the gymnastics game and decided to go. However, we only made it to see UC Davis in the floor exercise. We were playing against Oregon state and Sacramento State. We ended up placing in third out of the three. And, we were only behind Sacramento State by about 2 points. Oh, so close!

Today, I really wanted to go to the Davis Farmers Market. I went last time, but I didn't get anything. But, today, I got a pretzel, chocolate croissant, and kernel popcorn. I was so close to getting apple juice, but didn't.

Davis Farmers Market

I like the Davis Farmers market. People of all ages and backgrounds are in one spot to support local businesses or goods. Also, some businesses allow you to try samples. There was this one business that had cheese samples. I love cheese sampling. Also, when I try samples, it allows me to try something new that I haven't tried before.

Davis Farmers Market

Davis Farmers Market

pretzel, kettle popcorn, and chocolate croissant

The croissant was yummy. It was very soft and definitely tasted like a pastry. It wasn't very flaky, so I like that. When I got the kettle corn, the person asked if I would like it tied. But, then, I saw the person ahead of me had it tied, but also lost some popcorn in the process. I wanted more popcorn, so I decided to eat some before closing it. I haven't tried the pretzel, but I hope I will like it.

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