Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UC Davis is a beautiful forest

I finally got around to finishing this blog post. I had this idea for weeks. The theme of this post is that "it continues". What is it that continues? It's the trees and when you take a look at the pictures you can notice that I focused on how there's no end to it. You can walk around UC Davis and notice a lot of these at various sights on campus. Also, it's just nice to sit or lay down and notice the beautiful sights around you.

Me @ the arboretum with ducks

This blog post is inspired by my friend, Chen. It's inspired by her because I remembered we had a discussion about the UC campuses one day and she said " I don't like Davis because it has too many trees. It reminds me of a forest." Although I discussed this topic with Chen over a year ago, and she might not even remember discussing this topic with me, but I tend to remember things that are of interest to me. She helped me look at Davis at a new perspective and realize that the trees are a part of the campus beauty.

This post is also inspired by the scenery that UC Davis has to offer and what it does for the community. It's nice having a lot of trees around, so you can have awesome amounts of shade and notice the beautiful shades of the trees. There's the arboretum. Then, there are those trees that are all around campus. Some people may have noticed that the UC Davis campus has a lot of trees, which was something I hadn't really thought about until I explored other campuses and when Chen pointed it out. Some may have noticed how the trees tended to shine with beauty when the sun is out. Then, there are those who notice the rich color that the trees have, especially if you have on some sunglasses (that are polarized) or look at the sights through some nice lenses (camera? eyesight?) or light.

Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) parking lot

I know I have focused mainly on the beauty of when you look at trees you notice the different types of colors the leaves have, especially with nice lighting or lenses. But, there's also a beauty to those trees who don't always have leaves, such as in the image above. I walk by this area almost everyday. Until recently, I hadn't notice how many trees surround this area since there's not that much shade when it's quite sunny. But, look, there are a lot of trees in this parking lot.

Next to housing office and ARC
This pictures differs from the other ones in how trees are not all divided and leading to a place in between. However, the picture still provides the idea that there are a lot of trees and it continues. And, from this picture you can't really tell when the trees will end. There's a lot in this area. This is also the part of the campus that I believed most resembled a forest.

Behind the ARC and in front of the Student Health Center
Between Russell Park and Student Health Center
Tercero Dormitory parking lot
Between Hoagland and Storer Hall and leads to downtown

Between Everson & Art Building and directing the way to Mrak Hall.

Between west quad and Hart Hall and directed to Hunt Hall.
In the middle of the quad and directed towards Haring Hall
Between East quad and the South & North Hall and directed towards Hickey gym.
I hope the pictures provided you an understanding of the theme, "it continues". There's trees all over the UC Davis campus. I only covered the parts where I frequent regularly. Also, when I look at the pictures I think that as long as I continue through this path, the trees will continue to be there leading to the path.

 Do you notice a pattern or something unique about what I posted or have a different perspective of the UC Davis campus?

Although UC Davis has a lot of trees, the campus offers much than trees and shouldn't be noted particularly for their trees. I particularly chose to focus on the different sights of trees on campus to signify the beauty of trees.There are so many other spots and sights of the campus that I haven't even mentioned yet. It's also about discovering UC Davis through your own lenses or perspective. So, why not take a break and notice the beauty of nature around you. 

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