Thursday, February 16, 2012

My guide to getting free stuff

I didn't think about it much until I entered university, but I love getting free stuff. I really do. It's fun. I learned about more ways to get free stuff through my years and I have some recommendations. I will elaborate more on free stuff I have gained and how that happened on a blog post that is currently in work in progress.


1) Attend events on campus
-I have received free stuff from the different fairs on the quad, sport games, The Buzz, and so on.

2) Be involved in a club, program, or organization
-Once in a while, there will be potlucks, so free food. Some clubs might offer free stuff, such as stickers, blue books, or pens.

3) Whenever there's a line, check it out!
-If there is a line for something, it's worth the wait. Sometimes it's free stuff or something awesome.
-Also, it's the same situation in which you see a lot of people with the same item around campus during the same time period.

Social Media

What I didn't expect, however, was that I can get free stuff through social media websites. I have gotten free stuff from both Facebook and Twitter. But, how did this happen?

1) Follow/Like companies or celebrities of interest.
-Sometimes they feel like rewarding their followers and it's nice to receive stuff from companies or celebrities, especially if you are fan.

2) Follow/Like hosts of twitter parties/chats
-@Resourcefulmom, @busymommymedia are just a couple of twitter hosts of twitter parties, which usually include awesome free stuff! You can check out their website to see if they have any other giveaways coming up or in their blogs.

3) Pay attention to the tweet timeline or updated statuses!
 -Know about opportunities, so you can participate and receive!
 -You find about about most contests, twitter parties, or promotions through tweets.

4) Check out the latest trends!
-A lot of the times, the trends on twitter may just be random fan stuff or about the latest news, but it could also be about winning a prize. Some companies promote themselves and they might have a top or promoted tweet of a giveaway.
-Also, if you check out some hashtags or trends, you might notice opportunities for popular twitter hosts or giveways.

Other Tips:

1) Do those surveys!
-There's Harris Poll and other survey sites, in which, you can receive free stuff after accumulating enough points for a certain prize.
-You might get a notice from emails asking you to participate and they might offer a gift card to a place you like.
-Some businesses online may have a survey you can take online or a link to it on your receipt and it might be to get something free!

2) Check your email!
-Your listservs, colleagues, or friends may know of a great opportunity for you. They might provide you information about events or surveys that might provide something free.

3) Apply for those samples!
Sometimes companies provide free samples of their products. So, if you ever feel that you want to try a product, check out their website or whatever and ask for a sample.

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