Monday, February 6, 2012

My Change in Thoughts of Subway

Until my senior year, I wasn't a big fan of subway. I didn't like it because a few friends didn't have good experiences at one of them. But, I guess my siblings had influenced me to like Subway more. My brothers favorite restaurant is Subway because you can get a Foot-long sandwich for around $5. My siblings also like putting as much in the sandwich as they can and I guess the sandwich is big enough for them. Both my middle sister and brother always finish a foot-long sandwich in one setting. For me, most of the time I would finish half of it and eat the rest later. I could finish it all if I wanted too, but then, I want to have it for another meal. I went to Subway on Saturday and I think I ordered the Chicken & Ranch sandwich and it's "FebruANY" Month, so any sandwich is $5 except for the premium ones. I think that whenever I eat Subway sandwiches I just eat because I am hungry. I usually don't think about how good it tastes, rather, it's just about eating that sandwich.

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